Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rant: That ain't the way to have faith!

Been watching more news that I should. Especially MSNBC. I find "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann especially fun. The way Mr Olbermann rants and raves is very fun, and entertaining.

But Mr Olbermann crossed a bit of a line for me. The other day he was discussing Sarah Palin and he began going on about the church she went on and all the "quirky" things that go on in it. He said there was a problem(but didn't specify what) with that church because they spoke in tongues, prayed for homosexuals to revert their way, and other stuff that reminded me of every church i've been to. Let's get it out of the way that even if i could vote for president I wouldn't vote for the republicans this year .

Really, Mr Olbermann? I mean, I can understand why someone who's never stepped in a Church might find speaking in tongues weird, but I don't think that's the kind of thing you throw in people's face. I mean, let's get hypothetical here: Imagine Sarah Palin was a lesbian. Would Mr Olbermann hold it against her? I would disagree with her life-choice, but that makes no difference on her ability to run the country. So why should her religious choice? I mean, I wouldn't want to think the concept of "tolerance" was meant for certain interest groups, and when it comes to other groups all of a sudden it doesn't apply.

Also, is praying for homosexuals to convert all that bad? I fail to see what's wrong with it, unless they are being forced in on the church against their will.

Rant off, I wanna do something else.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dora The Xplorer!

Today I was kinda joking with my brother. We were talking about making money with our art I told him i've always thought i could do the paintings they do outside of preschools, and went like "I'd do a furious Dora the Explorer fighting Ming-ming from Wonderpets." I backed away from him, and drew it, just for thrills.
I sort of pictured it could be a comic cover, with the text and logo and all. Like with the legend "THIS IS SERIOUS!" So I did others.

Dora meets Kai Lan! I could think of no legend for this one. However, I did think of other things a sexed up explorer and a hot martial arts expert could do...

Dora meets el Chupacabra! I thought of the legend "Sucks to be you!" Maybe I'll come up with something better. The pantless one was better, but it was too obvious. Wait, I did just mention a version without pants?
Dora endangered by Diego. The Legend "No, Diego, no!" was pretty obvious. You know, I've always comic covers and their overdone sense of danger. It's like: "Will Bane kill Batman and chew on his mask?" Of course he won't. But you do get a cool image as consolation prize.

Dora faces the wrath of the Mighty B! "Could this BEE real?" This was the point were i ran out of nicktoons I barely knew. I decided to make "B" more into a female character.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not so much Blasting...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Best Geek Ever!

Hello, everyone! Salutes from the beautifull island of Puerto Rico. You may call me Batzarro. I decided to open my own weblog to host my web comics, among other junk I may post. But so it doesn't just become me showing pictures to you, here's a mini-bio.

I was born in this island, 23 years ago, the son of an paranoid artisan and a scatterbrained housewife and student. I grew up in my grandfather's land, wich happened to be sorrounded by a graveyard. I wasn't allowed to go very far on my own. Or even socialize a lot with my sorrounding extended family. Soon, I entered school. Wich is also when my life began to spiral downhill.

I became an outcast, a pariah. The worthless kid everyone laughts out. I eventually outgrew that phase, but then my parents moved. I wasn't sad to leave my "friends" behind, but I was sad to, again, be the "new kid" and again lose out any sign of non disgust. We moved quite a lot, and I began resenting pretty much anyone. Again, I wasn't allowed to go out and meet people either, so I entrenched in videogames.

Ah, the games. My first console was an Atari a "rich kid" gave away to us. After my brother and I learned of the NES' existence, we begged our old father to buy us one. One trip to New York later, we were playing Mario 2 and Bart vs The Space Mutants (never got past that first stage.)
Atari was a gateway console that lead to Nes, Genesis, N64 and beyond.

As I became more isolated from society, videogames became my main form of release. I stayed in school for pure survival, and every year I held to the hope one day, I wouldn't have to do it anymore, that I would not have to meet people as annoying as I met in the school.

And at last, I beat that boss. I began university, and dropped it for work at a museum. Where I discovered there wasn't an escape from the annoying people I met at school. I also discovered I don't like crowds, groups, or gatherings. What I do like, is drawing, comics, videogames/cartoons and everything in between.

I've come to learn not to resent the past. Because we can't be us, if the past is changed. Many bad things had to happen for us to get to where we are. And the worst probably didn't even happen to us.

So, here I'll post my art and webcomics. Some you'll get, some will be obscure, some will be chicks doing each other. Depends on the mood on wich I wake up. Taste a sample here, and here.

Hasta Luego!