Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Barely Legal

Don't fear the rip-off.

Once Capcom sued another company that made a fighting game. The game, they claimed, followed  the archetypes of Street Fighter characters a little too closely and attempted to infringe on Capcom's intellectual property. In the end, the ruling was made that basically Capcom doesn't own concepts like "karate man", or "Russian strongman", and that anyone could make fighting games with those archetypes as long as those can't be confused with Street Fighter's characters.

So, how close is too close? See, during the early days of Fighting Female February I showed this pic of Seifuku Desetsu Pretty Fighter's schoolgirl having defeated someone at her stage, a beach.

The Suuuuuuuuuun goes doooooooooown...

And I made a joke, and we all laughed. Maybe. Then I went ahead and reviewed Super Strip Fighter 4: Hymen Fighting, I mean, the Whore Warriors, I mean no subtitle, and showed you this similar screen.

Okay, the skirt is short enough, but where is the long jacket?

And I had some more laughs at the expense of a Sailor Moon fighting game that's actually pretty solid. After all, it was pretty amusing that 2 fighting games had a schoolgirl whose stage was the a rocky shore and whose  winpose was similar.

I didn't think much of it. After all,  Japan IS an island, and I've heard girls in sailor outfits are a thing over there.  But then someone in Youtube said that Mari from Strip Fighter was similar to a fighter from  Pretty Fighter. Called Marin.

I couldn't read the kanji Pretty Fighter threw at me, but  further investigation shed light that Marin was, in fact the schoolgirl of that series. This was no coincidence. Amazed, I rushed to my, er...Super Famicon, and put on my, uh...import cartridge, to give  Marin a spin. 

Marin has a spin attack, a projectile called a "Blue Sailor Punch" and an uppercut. Basically she's the Shoto  of the series and an obvious sendoff to Sailor Senshi AKA Sailor Moon(the series, not the titular character.)

 Meanwhile, Mari, has those exact 3 things.


Of course,  it's easy to see where most new SSFIV(. x .) characters come from. Ran is basically Mai Shiranui from the  chest up, and Rana is Hakan as a girl. Ai and Bell are apparently Abel concept art.

Are they sued yet?

But that's kind of what you do in fighting games. You pick and choose characters from other, more known fighting games and give them a twist. Meanwhile, the difference in design is so non-existent between this two girls, that it could pass for a redesign.

StudioS doesn't have the hardest to google publisher name for nothing.

And then there's Mari's B Strip Hyper. Called F.I.S.T. Like the terrible 3D sequel to Seifuku D.  Where this happens:
Good one, Strip Fighter. That'll show that dead series from more than 10 years ago who's boss...

So  here's two characters who are similarly called, have the same attack moves, and  have  slight strips of clothing to claim as difference, and with not-so-thinly-veiled-references to the other work. It's obvious. Super Strip Fighter IV ripped off Seifuku Desetsu Pretty Fighter, the obscure girls only fighting game that no one likes for it's own sequel to an obscure fighting game no one liked. 

I mean, I get why one would rip off Street Fighter. People like that game. and buy it and know it. They've made movies about it. However, ripping off Hakufu Indecentsu Puta Fighter  I mean Seifuku Desentsu Pretty Fighter can only be for one of several weird reasons. Which include actually liking that piece of shit.

You are a weird, weird game, Super Strip Fighter IV. Lucky for you...I happen to like weird.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fighting Female February: Strip Fighter 2 is not very good

Different Copyrights? Someone...bought...the Strip Fighter...Franchise?

Look,  I get you. This whole "rape" business in porn fighting games is way too much to  stomach for you. Whatever happened to good old days, where there wasn't enough memory in a game to pull off something like detailed unconsensual penetration by a hermaphrodite on a preteen girl? How did gamers get their rocks off while satisfying a minimum of videogaming? Why don't we take a look back at the PC Engine not-classic Strip Fighter 2 and find out?

See, Strip Fighter was trying to cash in on the Street Fighter name fame since it was cool to do so. I don't understand if they actually meant to use the name to bring attention to themselves or if they where going for the confused uncles and stepfathers of the world. What I do understand is how huge the jump was from 2 to 4. Here's a visual comparison.

Dry Humping(1994)
Dry Humping(2010)

Not to talk more about the future game, but playing the old game makes me realize that each special move and stage and grab and winpose has been completely ported. It wasn't a quick cash in on the Strip Fighter name, no siree. Someone, some human being had to look back at Strip Fighter 2, a mail in game for the PC Engine, and play it, to make sure it was faithful. TO STRIP FIGHTER 2.

Is that Kristen Kreuk I see?

But let's not look  at Strip Fighter 2 as a modern game. After all, we'd have to dismiss years of fictional development  including Strip Fighter 3, Strip Fighter SEX and Nardvel Super-eros vs Strip Fighter and Tits-I-Knock-On vs Strip Fighter(I got a million of 'em, folks).  It's not fair for it to compete with your precious Blaz Blue.

Still, if you have Blaz Blue, play that instead. In fact, just about any game you can mention is better than Strip Fighter 2. The gameplay here is wonky. Gameplay wise, you have six buttons, and two to five special moves
  The controls aren't even slightly responsive and  the physics are below standards of even those times.  It's hard to describe how awful the gameplay is on this without giving you a controller. I guess my best description would be that it's like a glorified Tiger Handheld game.

Hey, nice try with the flattering pic, Amanda.

The six original Strip Fighters are here. Bella the Native American, Amanda the Prowrestler, Medusa the mistress of prehensile hair, Yuki the Martial artist, Nina the dominatrix, and Martha the Mohawked.  The design was as far away from the anime escapades of Super 4 as possible. You can even tell people's ethnicities!

The graphics are a mixed bag.  The backgrounds look nice, but the characters are a little too minimalist for something meant to titillate. Further, there are not enough frames in them. This obviously becomes a gameplay issue as well. Music is nice, though.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: the Videogame.

If you're here for the smut(and really, what else would you be here for?), it comes  in two flavors:  Special moves that magically disrobe your character, and  striping. The Special moves are a PAIN to pull of because of  control issues. And by the time you're pulled one off(no pun intended) you will be half dead. All for half a second of pixel tits. Not worth it.

Look, I'm gonna hang out here with the timer until you grow up and put some fucking  pants on.

The striping is another deal. After wining a round, you will be treated to a  limited animation girl in light clothes. Wining a second round  removes her clothes. Her vagina is censored, though. Look, buy a porn mag, and  get Rock em Sock em Robots. Everytime you win, pull out a page and look at it for 10 seconds. That's Strip Fighter 2.

Penelope Cruz: The big hair years.

You have "Game Start" and Versus. Since the phrase "Do you want to play Strip Fighter?" is a great way to make enemies, let's explore "Game Start". You beat each girl, and watch each strip, until you win them all. Then all the stripings are repeated. No final boss, no credits no nada. There , we explored it. What? That was pretty much MY experience.

Go home and become a little girl!

Playing Strip Fighter 2 makes me even more amazed that 4 got made. 2 is probably on the lower end of the scale of unplayable fighting games I've tried, probably under TMNT Tournament Fighters(Genesis) and Shaq Fu. Was it the result of a corporate buyout, where one guy was looking at IPs and went: "hey, we now own something called Strip Fighter 2!" Was there a lot of demand for a sequel to Strip Fighter 2? Is Strip 4 even a legal sequel?  Can I make one? So many answers that, unlike Amanda's breasts, will never be bared to me.

If do right, no want to defense.

But in the end, there wasn't a time when Strip Fighter 2 would have been good enough as a fighting game.  Sure, it might have  entertained  horny little kids for about a week or so with it's nude women, but in the end, anything else that has nude women and doesn't fight back so much is automatically better, and virtually any fighting game is better.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Steed Fighter

Anyone who opposes Fluttershy will be destroyed.

As we enter deeper into Fighting Female July, it behooves me to talk about a fan game that was announced while I was out, and was unable to react to.

See, I've always wanted to make a fighting game based around my favorite properties. Used to be Sonic and Disney, then DC and Marvel. I mean, I loved fighting games, and I loved Aladdin. Why not?

I've found even with the difficulty bar lowered, making a game probably still takes more time and skill than one internet addict has. And I'm pretty seasonal. It's why I never finished the Sonichu racing game. I moved on. Well, that and the slowdown.

Heh. It was to be funny.

But whenever I see people out there, toiling away at some cease and desist magnet of a project, I feel they are doing the lord's work. Because we've already had 20 Dragonball games, but no one's rushing to make a new Killer Instinct. They aren't gonna make it. But we need it. It needs to exist. We need to play as She-Ra and we need to play as Mona Lisa, but that's not how the world works.

That's why I wanna give a shout out to the Bronies(still hate the term) at Mane6, who are developing a Friendship is Magic fighting game. I found out while looking up info and tutorials on Fighter Maker 2002, the engine used to create Pokemon Type Wild and Super Strip Fighter IV. The idea crept up in my head slightly before, but you know me and making games. And now I want it. So bad.

And I mean, it makes sense. You have a big cast of characters with differing powers and skills, a wide range of settings and a big fandom. It's not hard to see each character fitting a playstyle. I mean, except for grappling, of course. It's probably possible, though.

However, in keeping with the franchise's theme, It should probably be a tag team game. I mean, pay me no mind, I don't even know if FM2002 can do tag teams and the game is probably halfway planned. Just... I mean, without tag teams, no one is really being friends, unless it's those really rowdy friends that punch each other and watch wrestling.

I am also concerned with balancing. I mean, Pegasi can probably play keepaway all day, and Unicorns can force choke the shit out of somebody, but earth ponies are likely to end low tier. If Celestia or Nightmare Moon step in the ring as playable, you bet your ass shit will be broken.

Dear Princess Celestia: Today I learned that spamming is not nice...bitch.

Outside of the main sextet of height defective horses, the cast is being kept under wraps. But being there are 16 planned characters, I can safely assume they are Spike, Princess Celestia, those fucking Cutie Mark Crusaders, Trixie, Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna,Old Meme Eyes, and the Mayor. And you know how good I am at guessing casts. I know it's not nice to request(I learnt that in Mugen), but can we get some Twist up in this bitch? If not, I guess I'll be gravitating towards Apple Jack the old G and P-T.

Boasting is not nice...but it makes for good winquotes.

Either way, shine on, you crazy ass diamonds. Only two pieces of advice: Remember to back up your files as much as possible, in as many places as possible. That's why we don't have a Valis fighting game right now. And second...don't tell Hasbro you are making it, cuz they will shut it down, for sure. Don't tell Comics Alliance and Topless Robot, cuz they will shine praise, but bring the unwanted attention of the copyright holders. Just keep it between you and me and the rest of the world wide web. Because the world needs it. Nerds need it. I need it. God save you, Mane6: our hopes are pinned on you.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Fantasy Female Fighting game roster draft

More Breasts...

Before games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter  changed the landscape, making  a fighting game usually involved playing a game of chicken with how close a fighting game can come to Street Fighterwithout actually being Street Fighter. Even classics like KOF and Killer Instinct have easy lines of comparison.

This is Fighting Female July, so I wanted to know if I could pick up random female characters from different games and put them on  a roster, kind of like fantasy football, but without any possibility of it actually happening. Except, of course, M.U.G.E.N.

So I will pick and draw one female from one fighting game that fits the archetype of each Super Street Fighter character, and explain why the character fits the roster.

Ryu The Hero
  The hero is usually the character that gets selected if you just bang at the buttons on the select screen. Also, look for the hero to be in, usually at the center of, all the oficial artwork.  If that's not possible, it is usually a character that is well rounded, both morally and in terms of gameplay.
I choose, Raiya Mikazuki, Touki Densho (ENGEL EYYYES!)'s resident main character. Raiya fits the bill perfectly.

Ken The Rival
This character's story is irrevocably tied to another character. In fact, the character usually evokes the other character visually.
Mileena. Mileena, unlike my boy Scorpion, has not distracted herself from the vendetta that justified having her be a palette swap. As of late she's been presented particularly more provocative than her rival as overcompensation of the fact she's a disfigured version of a well respected, well liked member of the community. Kinda like Brandon Routh or Johnny Test.

Honda  The Overtly Japanese character
Okay, most notable fighting games are made in Japan. So, there usually is more than one Japanese character. However, sometimes you get a character representing things so particularly Japanese, that the character becomes "the Japanese Guy".

What's more Japanese than a Geisha? How about a Ninja Geisha? Following the advise of Sutefani, Namco added such a character(sort of) in the form of Setsuna, a pretty lady with a parasol-sword that  conveniently covers her beautiful kimono from all the arterial spray she's bound to cause.

 blanka  The Monster
You know, when you need a character to represent 3 things, like, say, a country, a play style, and a character archetype, things can get a little messy. Everyone wants to be represented by the hero, not the nymphomaniac. Still, you gotta have a monster character. And he's probably from a country  that will really love your game, why not?
Mantazz, from Time Killers. Female in a very technical sense, as she's an insectoid queen from another planet. Mantazz represents giant monsters from space can be ladies too just fine.

 guile The Gringo
America's history with Japan, as well as being  a world superpower, has made this an archetype in several medias of the Island nation. The American is usually pretty easy to spot. Look for military ranks,  strokes of Red, White and Blue, and engrish.
And here's another chance to say how much I love Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools. She's a completely silly, sexy, energetic character. She has a move called EXCITING KICK! That's s fucking exciting!

 balrog  The Specialist
Here's a fighter that screws up your button scheme. The style is usually a real martial art that doesn't conform to a button style presented.

Gonna go with Ryoko  from World Heroes. She's a judeka, and she's not gonna not Judo throw just because  you say it's a "punch button'.

Or How about Ryoko from Fighter's History?

 Look...I never got them done, awwight?

chun li The Chun Li

Chun Li is the first lady of fighting games. There is only one Chun Li. Her name is Chun Li.

T.Hawk the Horrible stereotype

Allright, look: Most of the Street Fighter cast is some sort of stereotype. It would just take a huuuuge, huuuge kind of stereotype for people to get actually offended at this point. This character is that. However,  that's not to say said controversial character won't be liked.  Just...not a lot.

I'm going with Voodooh, from the legendarilly shitty Shaq Fu. I mean, they put the name of  the thing into the character. Not the last time it would happen, but this is the one time it's a lady.

 zangief The Grappler
Grapplers as usually deadly in the hands of experts, but shit to newcomers who rely on their reflexes and mashing over memorization and  stats. They tend to be slow and rangeless to compensate for their damage output.

Tina Armstrong, my favorite Dead or Alive character. Sure, in DOA there's not any great amount of projectiles, and Tina's pretty great in it. And sure, she's kinda the gringo in that one, too. Still...she's a grappler, whatayawant?

dhalsim The contortionist
The contortionist is a weird character with far reaching or visually confusing moves that make for good mental games.

For this slot a slut: Rana, from Strip Fighter. She's pretty much my favorite character of that game. And it's not just because she's graphically naked and gives blowjobs to losers.

 sagat The Frustrating Subboss
Usually coming before the frustrating boss, the frustrating subboss is annoyingly difficult when the CPU uses it. That's not to say that it's not frustrating to fight against in multiplayer.
Chizuru from King of Fighters. I have no observations on Chizuru, except that she was a subboss in KOF 98. I'm a couple of years behind in this franchise.

Vega  The Psycho
There's always a psycho in these games. Watch the anime adaptation and he'll be there, licking blood of his blade, laughing maniacally, and talking about how killing is fun.
I'm putting up Sekka, from the game adaptation of the Double Dragon cartoon. I don't know much about Sekka, but she has blades coming out her arms. that counts for something, right?

Fei Long The Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee is a worldwide icon...whose name and likeness is registered by his estate. Otherwise, every fighting game would have old Brucie in it. Instead, they all have some kind of Chinese, Jeet Kune Do, doing, "whooooaaaa" yelping  warriory warrior that isn't actually Bruce Lee.
I gather this character Chie from Persona is the closest any videogame has come to a female Bruce Lee. Since the character is confirmed for the Persona fighting game, I think I will favor this once. If I decide to do this feature again I will be in big fucking trouble.

Deejay The Islander
 The islander doesn't have to actually come from an island.  He just needs more pigment on his skin than most of the other fighters and  fight in Capoeira or other fluid, dance-like moves and  be overly energetic and rhythm obsessed. 

Christie Monteiro, of Tekken fame, is the only Tekken character I've taken up that I haven't felt like a complete noob playing.  So, here's Christie.

Cammy The eye candy

Capcom, seeing the sucess a fully dressed woman fighting had, quickly realized  that Sex drops quarters, and for the Super version introduced a lady in a thong leotard that grabs people with her legs.

 We could sit here all day talking about sexy fighting game females and a lot of the other ones could probably apply, but I would have to go with Ivy. There's no denying that Soul Edge's Taki and Sophitia where meant to arouse,  but Ivy was both added  later in the series, and meant to take up the sex appeal up to eleven. She'd only gotten more blatant over the years. But let's be fair: hasn't every SC woman?

Akuma: The Hype
This character is so tough, you guys. He can, like kill whatever he wants by looking at it. He just doesn't because you're playing wrong he, like enjoys the thrill of the fight and stuff.

In that context, Athena Asimiya seems most fit. An import from an older SNK non fighting game, Athena Asimiya is a Japanese schoolgirl that is somehow related to the Greek Goddess Athena. That's kind of a big deal. She's even played the role of Boss.

Bison The Boss
It's the final threat: the meanest fighter.  He will fuck your shit up.

Or she. She will fuck your shit up. Sadly, there isn't a great history of female final fiends in fighting games, so I will have to look for the licensed one: Karai. Final Boss of 2 TMNT:  Tournament Fighters, despite the logic supporting Shredder for the role. Sure enough, Karai is frustrating to defeat, overtly evil, and not the sportest fighter in the world. So just throw her like a ragdoll.

So here's my roster. What's yours? You think I should use another game as base next year. Lemme know!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The first woman in fighting games

Yeah...hopefully you won't have to avenge your father many more times.

Folks, they say history is written by the victors, and it's mostly true. Sometimes history is written by the victor's bitter enemies, though.

But it's true in the sense that, if someone spearheads something that becomes really popular, people are way more likely to study them instead of checking if benchmarks they made had already been made, therefore attributing them to  the more popular one.

In fighting game terms, Street Fighter, specifically Street Fighter 2 is the trendsetter, the first, the freshmaker. Sure, a little research will show fighting games existed before Street Fighter 2 made them a genre, such ar Yie Ar Kung Fu and Karateka, but generally, we accept that the genre was shaped by Ryu and Ken's shenanigans.

However, I will have to take away at least one of Capcom's most prestigious awards: The first woman in fighting games. Sure enough, most of us recognize Chun Li as the first. Games like Yie Ar Kung Fu could hardly bother letting you choose character, let alone putting a woman in there as a playable. However, Chun Li is not the first woman in fighting games

The first woman is, in fact, Gaea, from Konami's 26 Year old Galactic Warriors.

Pink. Of course.

If you've been following me, you should recognize the title. It is a 1 player, robot vs robot game. Like Cyberbots but...really sad. On of Konami's many, many failed attempts at fighting games. Gaea is merely 1 of 3 playable characters. But is she better than Chun Li? Well, It's a matter of opinion, but I guess it depends on how much you like breasts as projectiles. That's usually the dividing line.

At least Chun Li is still the first LADY of Fighting games. Haruumph!

Sure, we could split hairs on whether a robot shaped like a woman counts as a woman. But that would be (even more) pointless. The guys at Konami put breasts and hips  an d high heels on a robot so we could identify it as female.  I'd say she's as much a woman as a videogame can let a school of sprites be.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fighting Female July: Strip Fighter IV is less bad than you'd think(but not morally)

Your name will be inscribed in the pages of fighting's nudie mag. 

Of all the franchises  that  could have come back to cash in on the return of Street Fighter a few years back, Strip Fighter is probably the least likely. An obscure PC Engine fighter from the olden days that featured an all girl cast with dignity baring special attacks, it's certainly less popular than Variable Geo and less recent than Battle Raper (oh, yes, that's a real thing.). But now 2010's Super Strip Fighter 4 joins those two in how far it is willing to take the whole "Porn fighter" thing.

Despite the title, Super Strip Fighter 4 is the second in a series. There's not even a vanilla Strip Fighter 4. I guess if your game has  female penile tentacled succubus as a final boss, you don't worry if people think you're trying to ride Capcom's coattails. The game actually is quite a bit above the  prequel in terms of both graphics and design, as you'd expect. Every character from the old game has been revamped, redesigned, or reworked. Notably, eagle hat enthusiast Bella has gone from this...
A woman in her Twilight years...

...to this...

"D"? She deserves at least a B in terms of "Offense".

And Clown Afro sporting Prowrestler Amanda's change was pretty big too.
The only fat woman in a fighting game ever and it ends up being porn... 

...Breasts, breasts, breasts, FIELD, Breasts...

The changes  a decade or two  can have, huh? The graphics, while featuring bland backgrounds and flashly looking sprites, are not bad at all to look at. And for a 2d game that has  the capacity to strip fighters of their clothing, the animation is fluid enough.

The cast is pretty big too. Highlights include "Snakes count as clothing, right?"-minded Medusa, civil clothed Ninja Sayaka and two male characters. For the ladies, I guess.

Most of the new characters seem way better designed than the old returning characters. I don't know, I think they went overboard trying to make the old cast sexier by making their breasts big.  That's just part of it, guys.
What the...this isn't Takein or King of Fuckers, guys. It's not even Cockcom vs SNGay. It's Strip Fighter.

The fighting concerns 3 buttons: light, medium and strong. You can fill up a hyper-bar and launch a super attack. You can also fill up the letters to strip by getting knocked down  or letting yourself open with a specific move. This is the only way to activate the Strip Hyper. This move, when it finishes off the opponent, leads to her clothes (if there where any in the first place.) to break apart and fall, and lets the girl at your mercy. That's when you can ravage  her.

Yes, there is rape in Strip Fighter 4.

Tonight: A very special surprise guest appearance by penis. 

By activating a particular combo or grab during  your opponent's clothesless misery, you can just get in there and have your way with them against their will. In the case of the final boss Succubus,  fat Japanese fanboy Jin, musclebound MMAer S  and token hermaphrodite Ai it's some kind of obvious penetration thing that lasts as long as you want to watch it. Other characters like SnM blond Nina, onion themed waitress Iku and super oily, supernaked Rana have dry humping hypers, specials and grabs that could be also construed as sexual harassment when used against females but when used against males become graphic(yet obnoxiously censored) sex And most of the old cast  hangs on to their nudifying special moves albeit in hyper form. One character's  Strip Hyper  seems to be having sex with the camera.  

 Yet, there are characters that have yet to show evidence of being able to initiate graphic scenes with either sex. I for one, believe this is total bullshit. All the males and phalus enabled women  can rape women, and some of the women can rape men. Why not the others?  Why not make them some of them rape the girls? That makes half the cast just rape victims, Not enough Lesbian Rape, man. What are you waiting for, the tournament edition?

I mean, I don't want to throw a bitch fit over this, but it's like having Mortal Kombat, and having half of the characters not have Fatalities. Why should I bother with Mari or Ran if they don't have the goods? What are they even here for? What, couldn't you come up  anything a girl can do to another girl? No scissoring? No ice dick for Yuki? No fingering? No prehensile hair penetration by Medusa? I accuse this porn game of being sexist!

You know, this mask isn't helping your dandruff problem at all. 

Since even if you wanted to, you can't play with anyone most of the time (on account of awful slowdown you get sometimes. Also, it's a porn game),  story mode is pretty much the only choice. Now, I don't know Japanese, so I guess the story is about how the evil Succubus has organized a tournament  between  girls so she can rape them. You have a an intro textwall for each character.You fight a handful of people, then face your rival. Succubus rapes your rival in a cutscene, and then you fight her. Text ending and credits.  All Japanese. Here, let me help.
My Japanese is a little spotty, though. Or as they say in Japan: "Kawasaki Ninja, Hey! El Mundo conquistaras!"

Except it's not over.  You get to fight everyone else on a harder difficulty, until you tire or beat them all.  Or beat it. I mean, no one wants to be defeated...

Besides Story you have VS mode and practice. They're pretty much the same, except training starts P1 at lower health. You don't even have options ingame. It's a pretty barebones experience.
Nope. Still not the Sailor Moon fighting game.

And I don't want to bandy around terms like "lazy", but the reusage of animation gets pretty bad. It's one thing that Hypers are often just flashier versions of special moves but  even the warning animations for hypers? Here's a note, geniuses:  characters in fighting games do special poses before hypers specifically so people know what is about to happen.

So what can I say? This game makes you work for the smut, but the engine is nice enough that it's not too much of a chore. Sure, if you  really must watch Japanese stereotypes rape each other, you don't need a videogame for it. And there's way better fighting to be found elsewhere. But If your curious and a pervert and a fighter fan, it's probably worth your time.