Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Dream is become true! Donald Trump is President!

I have this recurring dream. I dreamt that I was tied to a bed.

Into the room came Donald Trump! He had only a towel, but it could barely conceal his enormous manhood. He yanked it off! His penis was enormous, and the foreskin was pure gold. It shone like the sun.

He climbed on top of me. "I want to have my way with you" and I was like YES! He was all, "but you have to pay"

He inserted his virile member into me. His muscles shone like  roast hams. He thrusted and thrusted, until he filled my ovaries with his powerful babies.

I was sad. "But our babies are all inferior. Will they be a loser like me"

He kindly pulled out a bunch of money from under his taint. "Then get a fucking abortion!" he yelled.

I was in awe. Raw power and magesty had been bestowed into me.

ANd now, we can all partake in the golden cock of the King of Truths himself, because Donald Jason Trump is President of the United States!

Mr President, we may not be able to have sex exactly like in my dream, but if you and Melania are up to is, my body is offered to you!