Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 5 weirdest fighting game characters!

In honor of the return of the King of all Fighters(not to be confused) Marvel vs Capcom 2, I decided to take a bunch of older related posts from my personal Blog and put a filter over them, making them look newer!
The fighting game genre is a strange place indeed, where Spaniard Ninjas want to kill you by following the organized rules of a tournament and all of a sudden five to seven guys show up in the same clothes, only in different colors. It's like you're prom . But what are some of the stranger characters in there? Let's take a look.

5)Kumachan- Fighter's Megamix
Well, Tekken has a Bear. What's so weird about This?
...Oh... I See. An unanimated Bear that fights like a hand is holding him. Belong in a list like this...

Kumachan's foreign policy

Was it a joke? Where the animators lazy? What is up witht he inanimate bear pretend swinging at you?
4)Hornet-Fighters Megamix)
The only other example of a fighting game having a car didn't actually let the car win! How odd is that? Fighters Megamix had an eclectic mix of Virtua Fighters, Fighting Vipers'and FREEKING Bean The Duck. But This is the weirdest...or as weird as the teddy bear
It goes from zero to ass kicking in 6.3 seconds!

It's a car. That fights. I assume by it's(he's?) own will. Maybe to avenge his brethren's mistreatment in other games...
3)Ushi the Cow-Fighters Destiny
No, Ushi is NOT a Sonic Character. It's a Cow that is a bitch to beat. Ushi eats baby souls for breakfast. In a notoriously hard and crappy game, Ushi still manages to be the worst. Jesus has all videos and pics of Ushi under control in a secret base in Nevada, to avoid mass panic, and the true nature of fighting cows must be kept secret.

You saw nothing!

The rest of the characters are forgetable. You just fought a cow and lost, who cares about the Joker?

Shame has an aura...
2)Shaquille O'Neal-Shaq Fu
Shaquille O'Neil has done many things. Act badly, try to rap, play Basketball. It is at the last thing that he excelled. He wasn't the best, but he was often the tallest and roughest. But was he man enought to step up to a mummy, a cat girl, and some other crap? Apparently so. In the Docu-game "Shaq Fu" Shaquille fought the forces of evil after being lost in a spacewarp in Chinatown(no doubt looking for a Mowaii...) The game is living molasses. I only played it because my only friend at the time had it. But friends don't let friends play Shaq Fu.
And they took a 7 foot tall black guy and made him the wussiest fighter. After this, even Aaron Carter claimed to have pawned Shaq. You don't see any masters of the art of Shaq Fu, do you?

1)Sumo Santa-ClayFighter 63 1/3)

Not pictured: the Chrismas spirit.

Santa Claus is a very recognizable character, known for delivering joy to children all over the world. OR is he? Sumo Santa is, as his name implies, a Sumo rendition of Saint Nick. And instead of being a Jolly Old fellow, he spews phrases like "jingle THIS all the way". Only if they had had the balls to ad Hobocop would this list be different. Till then, Sumo Santa remains the damn weirdest Fighting game characters. Plus, he had the most disgusting Fatality ever...
Bonus points go to Rakuga Kids! Because my scribbles can beat your scribbles!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Still worth it.

I remember my first job. It was that of a general assistant in a dirty, stinky old shop called "La Finca"(that would be "the farm). It was a terrible job where I met people I'd rather forget, and felt I was underpaid. In fact, I only worked there for a week before giving up. A week of work, and I had 60 dollars to show for it.

Why do I tell you this? Because I did it for one game. Quite possibly the greatest 2D fighter ever. The game is, of course, Marvel vs Capcom 2. As this game came to consoles, I knew that something special was at hand. I would spend the rest of the year hyper comboing my way through it's arcade mode.

This game was born of two dying breeds. Back in the late 90's, 3D was displacing 2d as the main option for games. Also, the fighting game genre that had had a boom after the release of Street Fighter 2, but was now loosing importance as the story element became more important, and arcades declined.

After Marvel's success with Marvel superheroes, they decided to try their luck at making a tag team title crossover featuring the X-men and Street Fighter. When I first read about it, I didn't give a rats ass. Why? Well, I spied Rogue at a picture, and that's all I needed to know. I loved Rogue, back when she was a flying brick.
Above: Rogue's fighting game

After one pointless sequel without any real new characters, Marvel got serious and released Marvel Vs Capcom. It was great, and a real effort, unlike the previous game. But the public never expected what would happen next.

Gonna take you for a ride! (trumpets)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 would seem like a cheap game to do to the untrained eye. Like they decided to just put in all the characters from previous games, a few new ones, and call it a day. But the beauty of it was thet even though most of the characters where returning from previous games, the fact that you could pick 3 of them on a team, and 3 assists for each meant that you where in for infinite combinations. Sure, there are characters then can easilly overpower if teamed up, and characters that couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. But a true player can still kick ass without . But finding a team that fits YOUR playing style is half the fun. Just don't feel frustrated when an advanced player uses an infinite technique or relies on the keepaway game. All the better to feel vindicated when you beat them.
In Soviet Union, Mexican Cactus and disgusting female mutant lesbian fight YOU!

This is the only game I still visit arcades for. And the only 2d fighter that can consistently be found. And now it's coming to XBLA. I will be the first game I buy online, and I will also have to buy an ethernet port or router because the stupid power outages messed up our modem, severely limiting our capacity for playing online. Also, I may have to buy a surge protector to avoid my games being cut short by lame ass power outages. I may be looking at 100 dollars all in all. But I think this game is still worth it.