Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 10 Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters that would shock.

Folks, the rumor mill is a-churning again with  scuttlebutt a 5th iteration of the Tag team Superheroes vs  Karatemen wonderseries Marvel vs Capcom is coming. Now, I'm a big fan of this franchise, and as such, I would  like to go on and on forever about who I want, or not in it. In fact, I already did something such.

But one thing Capcom's Marvel games have done  well, is manage to add characters that are just off the grid enough that they are surprising. Sure, Wolverine, Spider-Man,  and Hulk are obvious guys to add to such a series, but is there anyone out there who sat in front of his garish 90's comic wondering why Marrow hadn't been in a fighting game yet? Did anyone request Capcom that Shuma Gorath(a Dr Strange villain) be in a game? And why add Spiral, when series mainstay Jean Gray/Phoenix stays offscreen?

So, assuming MVC3 is really underway, there's certain characters you are sure are going to be in on it. Like I said, Wolverine. There's other characters who are likely to be, if only because they've gained popularity, such as Deadpool. But if I know my Capcom Crossover series correctly, there's gonna be at least one or two characters who will be odd choices. Here's my list for the Marvel ones.

Claws enought...
10) Lady Deathstrike
 A demented old flame of Wolverine's from his Japan days, Lady Deathstrike wants to kill Wolverine (yeah, that's a good way to spend your time...), so she had her body turned into cybernetics, including huge ass talons coming out her fingers.  In fact she was already in a fighting game, but that one sucked.

Deathstrike's combination of reach and speed would make her a formidable opponent, and hey, she's Japanese, which I'm sure is the only reason Silver Samurai was in Children of the Atom. Then again, if you already have Wolverine, maybe you don't need more clawed guys.
 No way he can have legs that muscular without using them! Steroids!
Now, come on. Don't tell me you can't visualize this guy pelting the opponent with his energy rays and punching with his little arms.
 Maybe it's Maybelin!
08)The Black Cat
The Black Cat is a Spider-Man supporting character.  While obviously lampooning on Catwoman, Black Cat at least gained a bare minimum of powers.

And hey, Black Cat/John Talbain team up would rock ass.
 Speech Bubbles-narrating obvious scene!
 A Kung Fu Superhero, Iron Fist could mistically harden his fists. I though martial arts focused on the speed in which you hit, and not how hard your mitts are, but whatev. Ironfist, much like Psylocke from years ago, is a shoe in for a spot.

This is what Dragons who get high see.
06)Fing Fang Foom
Allright, Fing Fang Foom is a giant alien dragon. So maybe he'd work better as a boss than as a playable character.  Hey, at this point, the series has already used Apocalypse, and Thanos. Unless you think Galactus is a better choice.
 D,DF, F+ 3P for Heavy Handed Allegory.
05) Iron Patriot
From a fairly recent storyline, Norman Osborn, A.K.A. the Green Goblin substitutes Tony Stark as the Head of  being an evil asshole to heroes(B.e.a.t.h.) initiative. So he puts on this Ironman-ish armor.

Look, if the Green Goblin was in MVC3 I'd be like "cool". But If Iron Patriot was in there, I'd be like "Dude, too much backstory. I just want to punch Roll."

 Toyota's cars have trouble braking when Rhino Punches the hell out of them.
Oh, Rhino.  Why can't you get any respect? You have been there since the old days. yet it's always "Goblin this" or "Venom that". Sure, your story and powers are a bit bland, but when it comes to the physical arena fighting, Rhino could be a faster, rushier Juggernaut.
 Marylin Manson has officially run out of ways to pretend he's a Satanist.
Now, Daredevil is a fairly well known character. I know. But as far as what would probably be a projectile and hyper combo fest, maybe Daredevil would be an odd choice. As far as gameplay, I see him being a Vega type of character, having all sorts of confusing aerial attacks.
She got HER Black Friday shopping done.
02)Red She Hulk
 See for some people it's news there's a girl Hulk. Evil-girl Hulk would probably be too much.
Uatu's singing  would amaze you, but he's not allowed to do that, either.
01)Uatu the Watcher
Now, this would be pretty crazy. Uatu is an intergalactic being tasked with watching reality and...doing nothing about it. Really! He's not supposed to do anything  that affects our reality, which begs the question: Why bother?

Still, Marvel vs Capcom 3 could benefit from having Uatu in there, headbutting the hell out of Wolverine. And ending every fight mourning that he shouldn't have interveined.