Monday, April 6, 2009

Team Rocket Awareness Week: Monday

It's Team Rocket Awareness week here at BGE. Each day I will try to make a Team Rocket related post.

Team Rocket is a world wide group of criminals in the Pokemon World. They are ruthless, efficient, and evil. But really, Team Rocket's most well known members are almost nothing like that! For more than ten years, the suave but dumb James, Vain and Bossy Jessy and Smart mouthed Maneki Neko-like Meowth have been trailing the countryside, trying to get a single young man to give them his favorite Pokemon. More than ten years of hilarious failure ensue.

For this day, I want show you Team Rocket, Simpsons style. And really, what's more Simpsons than doing the same thing for a whole decade and it still being funny?


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