Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Song in the World- June 18

King David once said nothing was new under the sun. And this is especially true given our remake/reboot/adaptation/cover heavy times. Still, you can't fault a guy for trying?

Yes you can. I plan to create the best song in the world. True, I suck at writting music, but thanks to wondrous new technoology, I don't have to!

Every friday I will grab lyrics from popular, and not so popular songs and movie  quotes, and put them in Poetry Link's Travesty Generator, And out the other end, wondrous new lyrics! Let's do this!

Another day Speaking Colossus [Colossus transmitter] Rogue Ain't got nothin' 
but heroes to hit a guard for the very first said a deejay could win, but
they're just us. How you to the boss and I have to waste She got hit, but
you are You alone. Got six reason I've ever knew these X-clowns by sitting
on which way [Eminem] Yo.. Slim Shady! Yo.. I'll fucking done to Mobile
[wyclef] I?m just another woman like them is by hacking down your eternal
Darkness often die before their tanks and strong. Boom, Shaka-laka-laka,
Boom, Shaka-laka, Boom, Shaka-laka-laka-laka, Boom, Boom! TITANS Were the
lack of me, so many lives in here, for the very first time I walk to *me*
about Ready or Not Lyrics up under 50% health is low enough power of a
black Jag and regeneration begins a new age Theres a widow pig parrot A
rebel to tame A whitehooded judge A syringe and kill, kill x 8-12 It's
in our nature to kill a few, men! Savages!) Now this is what all together,
through words that your mouth, I'll be right, make...

A Wyclef Jean, Eminem collab? Boom Shaka Laka?

The best song in the world is clearly underway...

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