Monday, October 22, 2012

True...True Crime...True Crime...True Crime...True...Crime!

 I don't claim to have ever done anyone any good. I try not to do wrong, either, although my record is spotty at best. What I mean is that I am not a hero.

Back in 2011 I found it amusing that an Crime Degree School ad found it in themselves to advertise themselves as hunters of the undead. It was ridiculous that they made a drawing of zombies and suggested they'd teach law students to "fight evil".

I hesitantly post the offending pic, for reasons that will become plain later.

Except they didn't. A recent comment on the piece articulated by artist-blogger Eye-melt indicated that the art of the zombies was created by him, and taken without permission.A quick search of his blog reveals the art was in there as far as 2006, before I even had a DA account, probably. Since technically I am  using his image without permission also (and, uh...just did it again, I guess), I offered him to take it down.

Again, I want to state that I am not a hero. I may have, in my younger blogging days not thoroughly verified the sources of my images. But it seems the least I could offer the guy is the chance to exxert his rights over his intellectual property. I never would have suspected that the art to that particular click ad was  stolen, though in hindsight this makes more sense than the alternative.It woudnt be the first ad I've seen with stolen work.

In summation: please visit Eye-melt's blog and be aware: Next time!


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