Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ridiculous Star Wars VII dreamcasting: Young Stars

Face it...that's how it's gonna be

  Episode VII mania is running wild! Everyone is getting asked if they'd participate! And we're several years away from it!  This obviously calls for some high level wishfull thinking, and obviously I'm the nerfherder for the job.   The problem is, well, we don't even know what characters are gonna be, and they'll probably be mostly new. What I will do is split my suggestions in character types according to Traditional SW lore.

Today we're gonna be looking at young leads. Let's face it: our dream of a SW movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme is dead. But if I had to guess I'd say the movie will star an comer or two, probably as archetypes such as "Jedi" and "Princess". If they only where...

Alexa Vega

The Spy Kids star din't magically grow into an adult a few weeks ago because we saw her in a metal bikini: she also starred in the cult favorite Repo the Genetic Opera.

There Alexa did play well the role of a naive young character just struggling to undertand a hard situation. It's basically what this character would do.

Donald Glover
Hey, people are saying Donald should play Spider-Man for no reason, but for my money It'd be better if he's getting a role to make his own in a well known franchise. Can't be Anthony Mackie: He's locked up with the Marvel movies.

Anna Popplewell

On of the stars of the Narnia franchise, Anna would be my choice to star in the movie version of Fighting Hero of the Galaxy. But since we've still to lockdown a director/get a movie deal/ship a gajillion copies, I'll let her star in this instead.

James Deehan
If  this year's sleeper hit Chronicle had a breakout star it was James Deehan as the tortured soul/asshole with superpowers. I'm not just saying it because he pushed stuff with his mind: He's somewhat not too freshed-faced to not be tortured and not so beat up that he's too old for it.

Some Newguy

My top choice so far, Some Newguy is probably more obscure than all of this...yet more likely to star.


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