Friday, July 19, 2013

Everything is in hiatus because New York

Look, I know I'm pretty much shouting into a vacuum and nobody reads this.  But I think I'd at least owe future readers the idea I'd been forthcoming with my audience.

I'm moving to New York to look for work. That means everything I've announced is even more stopped than it sounds. Especially Alpha Danger Squad. Also, some projects I never announced yet I expect you to care about are also in hiatus.

New York. What can I say about it? Well...The farthest I've traveled from Puerto Rico is Vieques Island.

Graphics courtesy of the NSA.

So to me the encircled area is pretty much  the world to me. All I know from New York is what I've seen in movies or read about. So basically it's either gentle Jewish(oh, the word gentle feels so wrong there!You know what I mean!) guys giving Esmeralda Santiago a free copy of Archie Digest, or roaming gangs of minorities waiting to stab someone/ hit someone with a chain. Those must be those famous American Chain Gangs.  Also something about gridlock and something about  angry people. I'm guessing those might independently be true at times but not the norm overall.
Mi'ja, a mi tampoco me gusta Archie, pero tienes que hechar pa lante.

For me the purpose of this sudden shift is to try and establish my own independent economy. I'm not going  there to try and reach "the American Dream." Better people than I have tried that, and frankly I'm not the kind of guy who dreams of maids chauffers and those large pianos. I don't even know ow to play the piano.  I just want to be able to afford my own computer so I can write my stories and make my games unimpeded by the whims of my brother.

Truth be told the situation in my island, economically and socially, is ever worsening. And since I don't have a job, a girl, or too many friends here, I'm exactly the kind of sociopath to move to an entirely different hemisphere.

However, there's a very real possibility NY and I don't gel, and I might just come back crying like a  baby back to my island. He, I don't care about being possitivity, I care about reality. If I don't find a job in 2 weeks, with the same love I'll pack my shit and come back. However, if I find a job, that's 1 more job  than here.

I've always had a contentious relationship with Puerto Rico. But I'd be lying if I said there aren't things and people I liked and I'll miss. But I have to grow, and this pond does not allow me the kind of growth I want.  I'm gonna scout some sea.


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