Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ten Reasons Donald Trump wil be best President

Inseminate me Trump!
Let's not beat around the Bush! Donald Trump will be the best leader AMericas ever had! Here is why!

10) He has powerful bisnessness

Trump has more building with his name than Bark WhoINSANE O BAM BAM and HellaREEK Killingtons!

 Anyone who hates him is they don't have bildings

09) 70 and can lift a truck

I heard my cousins say they saw Trump lift a truck to get a kitten to safety. Mit Romney can't do that!

08)He's already fixed America just by existing

Donald Trump wasn't  always President, but he's always had a good influence. Ever since he exists videogames were created, the internet was created we killed Bin Laden and I was born, and I know Trump influenced it all

07) He helped Reform Joey Two Socks

Joey Two Socks used to be a criminal, but ever since he met Trump, he is now a legitimate busines mang!

06) He will both destroy Jews, and Help Jews

Donald Trump has drawn a lot of ire for one of his cabinet picks being anntisemitic. But his  daughter is also a converted jew and married to a Jew. So as you see, instead of etternaly debating whether  Jews are real people or not, or whether they deserve to be destroyed or not, he have finally found a middle ground!

05) He will be in history books

I have a feeling there will be a lot more writen about Donald Trump than Burka HAWKsein YOMAMA. Nobody's gonna say "You truly are the Baraka HU SHAME UMBABA of our time"

04) He's got the most fans

I went and counted it, Donald Trump has more fans than The Beatles, and is more living than a lot of them.

03) His sperm is strong

He has produced powerful children who are very strong and symetrical. His sperm is strong.

02) Nobody respects women like him

Some presidents may have respected women a little, but none took it 120% like Donald Trump

01) All other Presidents will be erase from history.

None shall be remember when Trump Troopers march upon historical records and purge them of Anti Tromp sentiment


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