Thursday, November 12, 2009

F.A.R.T. Vol 3 My F.A.R.T will go on

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been busy lately to post anything here or on TGWTG. I've had  official University Stuff to do, and I'm lazy and easilly distracted. Worse , I don't know how long until they cut my Internet for lack of payment. So, if this is to be our last post together, let's spend it in style.

Let's go to a fancy place. A place with candles, overpriced food and french waiters. Let's go on a date.

Below, some Fanart that fell into my web. I will tell you exactly what I think  of the piece.

This piece is simply titled Romance. I like the soft pastel tones. Also, THAT'S SOME FUCKED UP SHIT RIGHT THERE!

It's what amounts to a ghost holding hands with what amounts to a rat. Necrobestiality? Spiriphilia? Really, help me out here? The ramifications of such a relationship are astronomical!

Also, it's funny to imagine the sweet nothings Haunter and Rattata will say. "HAUN-HAUN! TER HAUN! RATTA-TA! TATTA RATA!"

My knoweledge of  Twilight is limited, so I can't say if this ever happened in the books. Edward had a tentacle for an arm, and the world's worst mullet, right? And he and Bella where conjoined at the head?

I don't want to diss the style of this either, because frankly, the artist seems to have gone for a  "Rugrats" kind of abstraction. I still think Eduard had two legs, though...

My first instinct with this was to accuse it of being traced. Something about it just reeks of trace. But I was too lazy to check it out. So, if not traced, this is a pretty good drawing.

Except well...Jasmine isn't that white. Never was. Even Aladdin's skin was darker. What happened? Could you not be bothered to look  up pictures of the characters to see what their skin was like?

This is what Jasmine looks like. You want me to go show you what Aladdin like? Honestly, you could google image the background for your art, you might as well go for broke and get the characters right. I never thought I'd say this, but you just whitewashed Disney.

I am saddened by the odd chance this relationship may end. But we must endure, for true love is eternal, no matter how mismached, deformed, or ethnically challenged the lovers may be.


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