Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Time of Conflict

Before we begin I'd like to take a moment to thank you two. Yeah, you two. I don't know who are you but you two aparently like the blog enought to follow it. Now I don't know your motives. Maybe you got here doing an image search of Amanda_Waller+Rule34. Maybe you are on some kind of race to subscribe to the most blogs. Or maybe you are just busy people who want a Blog they can follow, one that only updates every month and a half to remind people how gullible they are.  Whatever your reason, I thank you.

Now folks, most of you (two) don't know is that I'm trying to go through a bachaelor's degree in game design. It's kinda scary, because I'm afraid if I request any other job people will laught at me. On the other hand I've known for the longest time I want to make videogames, if possible for a living.  Sure, you don't NEED higher education to knock out a mario clone this days, the softaware, knoweledge and distribution methods are out there for any enterprenurial spirit to use. Not to brag, but even I knocked out a game. Remember Smallville, the N.E.S. game?

But on the other hand, it helps. I've been trying to crank out a fighting game for years. In fact, i've gone through two shelved projects already. Now me and my brother's Maya skills are finally ready to announce we're making progress on a third game. I call it "Project Margin".

Project Margin  is a culmination of two distinct desires of my past. I've wanted for some time now to make a fighting game  where historical and literary characters fight. Like Soul Calibur, but pandering heavily towards Public Domain fandom.

Killer Time Lineart by ~Batzarro on deviantART

Yes...I know now the guy on the left is not as much in the Public Domain as I'd want.

On the other hand, I always wanted to make a Party Fighter. You know, like Smash Bros. A game that eschewed the joystick twirling and the combo mania for just balls out  plata-fights. Now, this  two desires have combined into a single glorious amalgamation.

So I guess in tagline words it's "Soul Calibur Meets Smash Bros."

Who will be in it, ah, well, that'ss till being decided. Trust me, though, it will rock. Stay tuned for more, both of you.

Here's one for the road.


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