Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update: Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League

Superman is off the chain.

The talk of the town: Superman's film is being helmed by Zack Snyder, of '300' and 'Watchmen' fame,  Rumor has it the plot has him traveling through the world, trying to figure out if he wants to become Superman. Also, that Zod is the badguy.

Is this you'r great pitch, Nolan? Batman Begins but with Superman? Not an origin, but the annoying parts where the character hasn't put the suit on yet? And the bad guy is Zod? Color me unimpressed with this. Though at least Snyder is good at making comic panels into live action scenes so I guess the movie will be pretty to look at. I just hope it doesn't take an hour for Superman to show up.
Got any weapons on you?...a lasso, that's not a weapo...a Tiara? You can keep em'.

Wonder Woman is getting a new TV show, courtesy of the guy who directed "The Practice" and wrote 'Lake Placid', both of which I liked. Some people feel disapointed at there not being a movie instead. To them I say:

a) You're probably gonna get as much movie as you where gonna get. Should have gotten more copies of the one you got last year, and maybe the sequel wouldn't have gotten canned.

b)It's probably better for people to get to know Wonder Woman's world, and other characters. Sure, most people know the suit, but a lot of them can't tell Dr Cyber from Dr Psycho.

Fully don't expect Wonder Woman to be buff. While sexism mayplay a role in that, it's a problem to have dual identities where one is "buff" and the other one is supposed to be average or meek and that gets worse in Live Action, no matter how much you think HHH should have played Thor.  I hope the new Wondy is Gemma Arterton!

One! Singular sensation, of fire and omega beams...

Also, Armie Hammer talked about the cancelled Justice League movie.  Here's some choice quotes.

Quint: I’m fascinated by that stuff, the “almost happened,” the “What if” stuff and just the idea of George Miller doing a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie still… I think it’s going to go down as one of the saddest “This didn’t happen” things ever.

Armie Hammer: And dude I saw it all. Like I saw the prevised fight sequences. I saw the entire storyboarded film that he had in a room ten times the size of this room with storyboards floor to ceiling, so you walked around the entire room and read the movie like a comic book. What he did… He created something that was so magnificent and put so much work into it, the fact that it never got a chance to be seen by daylight or appreciated by those who really would appreciate this more than anything else… I mean he was bringing in the psychology of these characters more than anyone else ever had.

We had psychiatrists with us in our rehearsal process to be like “Why this?” He was like “Well you see, with a delusional character like this, like the Batman, who thinks in this such a way, like a paranoid schizophrenic like this, this would be the motivating factor.” You bring so much more to these characters, because it’s not just “Well in this frame you are going to jump on top of this car and you are going to throw your Batarang.” It’s like “Why is everyone doing what they are doing, but in George Miller’s true style.” He was going so in-depth in this.

We had a brain surgeon, a psychiatrist, a Joseph Campbell expert, and all of these people in every single table meeting we had for a month and a half and then all of the characters were also training as their characters, so The Flash, Adam Brody, was training as The Flash with rubber bands, so he’d be fast and twitchy. Aquaman, Santiago Cabrera, was swimming a lot and Miller would send him to go swim with Dolphins in Northern California for hours so he would be used to being around sea creatures. Batman, being the only human of the Justice League and having to really prove himself there, he had to be the consummate martial artist, as well as the ultimate detective, so he was playing psychological games with all of us.

He would leave me out of things, like intentionally, but I wouldn’t know this until months later when I would just get the feeling of like “What is going on? Why is everybody?” Because he wanted me to constantly be getting into that paranoid mind frame of The Batman.
Sight. I've gone on about this subject a lot. But the more times go on, the more infantile the claims against this movie seem. Could have possibly been the biggest, baddest Superhero film of all time. I mean, here we have the guy who would have played Batman, just of proving his acting chops in "The Social Network" saying they where clearly trying to get them into character in a serious way, while some guy was at his home complaining he was too young for the role. I think it's a disgrace that we didn't have a chance to judge the film on it's own, is all.
Also, tomorrow is the New York Comic Convention. And new MVC character's are getting shown. Here's hoping  for She Hulk and Phoenix Wright!


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