Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make random plot tutorial

Whoo! Have to settle down from L.I.E.S. a bit, and when I need to do that, I like to mash together stuff in a vain attempt to create a coherent whole. And now, You can too!

First, go to IMDB, and change the search to either quote or plots. Search for things you'd like a story to have. I chose Martial arts in this case. Remember that plots have lots of character's names, while Quotes tend to talk a lot in second person.

In a different tab, open the Travesty generator. Copy your results of your IMDB search and repeat the search with something else you like. I chose boobs. Copy that. You can continue to add IMDB results.

Whan you have what you want, change the "order of the travesty" to something between 5 and 7. Make the lenght as long as you want. But if you're not easilly satisfied, you may want a smaller search.

These are my results
Barney Ross doesn't either. A hideous one-eyed hag offer still open? 33.

Grown Ups (2010) Su Qi-Er retired from his mind and ultra-violent tendencies

her and daughter on the story was me, Alex, three will use a comet to deal

with Marie by his wife Ying and awakens in Leonardo has gone to Central

American island by a Reindeer (2005 TV Series) Episode: The Simpsons (2006)

You want to touch your boobs against him. 27. Two and adventure by two

racist cops whom he'd dispatched too thinking them. 27. Two an


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