Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaked in early Secrets.: Variable Gee-Oh.

Haven't mastered the art of ironing, yet.

Know you now to trust the power of my L.I.E.S.? Good, because it is high time I brought  you more.

See, I went to comiccon. Lesser men go there in cars or planes. Not me, though. I went in a truck made entirely out of naked whores, each making delicious Mayo Sandwiches, and not with their hands,either.  I would have let people see it, but I was stealthy cuz I was in a secret mission: Find out which Megaman was in the game.

So, I move in silent, like a Ninja, sneak past Killian and Inafume up to a cellphone Nitsuma had left there. I didn't have much time, so i quickly hacked it using some chicken wire and the skills the Montauk Monster taught me.


You shall be avenged, Heidi...

I managed to get this insanely small thumbail below.

I would have gotten more, but it's kinda hard to hack when you have an Araña cosplayer pleasuring you.

There you go, folks. That should solve THAT little dillema. But remember,  that not everyone has the truth as firmly held as I . Don't trust rumors or speculation without sources or evidence. Trust L.I.E.S.  Where the truth comes to dye it's shirt.


  1. can you explain why X looks a little off?

  2. I sure can. He isn't done teleporting in. Nitsuma san told me this on a picnic we where on. And then one thing lead to another and...well, let's just say I make some good Mayo sandwiches.

  3. You got pics or is this a joke

    if it's a joke you've got very good talents and should practice on them to make them perfect

    if it's the real thing

    got pics?