Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Public Domain Avengers: Assemble!

Then that legend is accidentally dropped.
 Inspired by Asylum's upcoming The Almighty Thor's awesome, blatant cash in on Marvel's Thor, I decided I should prepare to cash in on the future Avenger's film by exploiting tangentially similar public domain(with help from the public Domain Superheroes wiki) character's into  my own super team, the Arrangers!! Rollcall!

You know, WW2 came upon because of complex socioeconomic things that don't matter when Hitler is being punched.

Captain Courageous!(Not Captain America)

Oh, the irony! Many adopted the measly rank of captain to dip into Steve Rogers' action during WW2. There are no limit of the options I could use, and many of them are already walking American flags., however, I'm going with Captain C because he's actually driven by  "the spirit of courage", and apparent metaphysical manifestation of bravery that possesses people and gives them Superpowers.
Not licenced to drive, but already handling deathmechs.
Scoot Suit Sammy!(Who is not Ironman)
We've seen what it would be like if a smarmy Howard Hughes impersonator built a robot suit, but not everyone can build their own armor. Enter Scoot Suit Sammy, a young boy who's uncle is smart enough to build flight enabling super armor, dumb enough to make it  only in kid size, and crazy enough to give it to a member of his family. 

He calls them "love handles"

Double Devil!(Who is not only not Hawkeye, but is not Daredevil even though that's totally his name!)
A mute man who wields the deadliest of weapons! The Boomerang!  Filling in the "you know we invented guns already, right?" spot for Hawkeye is Daredevil! Not much of a talker, but he's good with comebacks!

Can anyone help me? My Godzilla costume is melting!

Creature(Not Hulk if it tried to be)
Creature is a..uh...creature from space that brought only trouble and the military was out to get him. Damn, If only Neutro was Public DOmain...
W.i.R. does not stand for idle chatter!

Woman in Red!(who by the way? Not Black Widow)

Woman in Red is a vigilante woman who wears face concealing technology known as "a domino mask and a hood", It's like they knew what  the combination of cowardice and low budget would look like on Superheroes some day.

Is that where the bodies are, Santa?

Santa Claus(not Thor)

Nobody actually ever legally owned Thor: it's a myth from ancient times! Know what else is a myth from ancient times? Santa Claus(also, your mom.)

Seriously, Saint Nick as a hero would be balls awesome. A kick ass adventurous who is also generous and good to children. Who would refuse St. Nick membership to a super hero group?

"You'll be in stitches!"
As a bonus ripoff, I'll throw in Doll Girl and Spider Queen  filling a spot for snubbed Avengers Antman and Wasp. Spider Queen is awesome because she invented pretty much Spider-Man's web shooters and web. So when Marvel's lawyers come over, you can have a good laugh about how you totally got the idea from the public domain.

So where's my 5 thousand dollars to film it?


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