Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fighting Female July

Folks, women are to me like fighting games. I'm no good at either, but that doesn't stop me from loving them all the same. So, while playing an awful doujin game the other day, I sort of got to thinking about women only fighiting games, about how maybe there wern't enough good ones. And about women in fighiting game in general. So I decided to look further, and in order to condense my findings, I have decided to dedicate a full month to women, and the fighting games they fight at.

So this July look for Reviews of female only fighting games, character love letters, and drawings all featuring the best, worst, and most obscure of what women have been like in fighting games. This July is Fighitng Female July.

I wanted it to be Fighting Female February, but that  did not pan out, and and  I don't love the alliteration enough to delay the whole thing a year. See you in July, girls!


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