Monday, April 30, 2012

Is the dream dead?

* I mean, you liked Voodoo Vince and Quantum Redshift, right?

No, the dream is not dead. The dream is, in fact, very much alive. I have used my break from internettting to work on it.  I am speaking, of course, of my 4 year old promise to make a Party fighter homage to  the Xbox. Did I miss the 10 year anniversary? You bet. But I carried on. Ultra Crush Siblings is closer to being done. And I guess according to Sony at least, the time is right...

I've got the main basic player 1 moves done. I am working now on code that will enable the sprites of said  moves to change according to the chosen player. I'm also setting up the interface HUD.

No, I don't plan on using your precious Master Chief sprites, Innerrayg. If that is your real name. It's just a placeholder.

I've also got how Arcade mode will work pretty much worked out. I plan to allow 2 player co-op in arcade, but no promises. I've got a boss in mind. I'm keeping it a secret.
Pshhhhewewewewuuu!(moar placeholder)

I've got a cast pretty well set up mostly in my mind. I can confirm Master Chief, Fudgehog, Buki and Flint. Do not trust images I've done in the past. I'm still deciding a couple, and since then, some have been added, some removed.

Hey, I like the cast to YOUR Xbox homage game. Jerk.

Do you want to help? Well, if you want to pitch in, I could use the following(note: there is no pay in any of these jobs):

voice actors: You don't have to be  Frank Welker or anything. I'd rather not rely on ripped off sounds, especially when they are as hard to find as Sudeki and they always have pieces of music stuck. It's supposed to be funny, so  you don't really have to make the exact voice.

Music People: I'd rather not rely on downloaded midis or ripped music.  You don't have to be Danny Elfman or anything. If you can get a song from Kakutou Choujin into Mario Paint or midi, that would be pretty good.

Spriters-You don't have to be Scruffydragon or anything. In fact, I'm not looking for sprite edits. I'd rather have crappy original sprites than edited stuff. I mean, I can do it, but if you can do it better and are willing to put it out there...

Resources people: On account of being quite poor, I haven't been able to play every single Xbox game(sniff teardrop sniff). If any among you have had access to said games, and can give me footage, ripped sounds or some such that I can often need, that would be wonderful. Or better yet, if you can get me the Xbox and the game...

Okay, that's probably taking it too far. I would like your help in choosing certain elements though. For now, leave in the comments which characters you think would be cool to play as, as well as any other suggestions for weapons, modes, attacks or general advise.

I hope you guys don't think I'm asking you to, as they say, "make my game". If no one shows up to help I will do it. I'm just saying if there's a likeminded individual out there that thinks that  an homage to those buried jewels of the Xbox deserve more than what little music I can make for it,what attacks i can make up on the spot, and what voices I can record on my old crappy microphone, then we can join forces. Remember, this game isn't for me. I mean, sure, I'll play it. But not only will I not profit from it, but all of you will enjoy the gameplay, if it's enjoyable.


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