Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Michelle Rodriguez is a stupid fool (or a great tease)

Michelle, Ma Belle! Zombie Killey Mockey tres bien an sam!

Aparently someone's been talking about making an Expendables-ish movie with only female leads. While this  is a great idea(as an article I never actually published, and will subsequently reformat into a wish list can attest), inmediately someone decided to come in an  and poop on the proverbial party.

Why are you so serious?

Michelle Rodriguez, my Dead-Eyed doll, that butch belle, that typecast titaness has recently come out and said she didn't feel she had gained that kind of notoriety to be in such a movie with a bunch of known names trying to  capitalize on the novelty of all of them being in a movie.

Shut up! You don't decide that! I DO! And In terms of action female star, you are at just the right point, I say. Cinthya Rothrock and Sigourney Weaver are somewhat old to lead an action movie, and as I told you in my love letter, nobody plays convincingly tough girls quite like you.

Further, you haven't had a top billing since fucking Blue Crush! This is your chance to grow to leading lady! Do you WANT to shoot up squid pee in Resident Evil sequels forever? No jodas con eso, cabrona! You're not gonna be 30 something forever, you know? This kind of role has an expiration age.

You go and play a sour hispanic commando that doesn't take shit for no one, before they cast Kirsten Stewart or Kirsten Kreuk or Kirsten Dunst or some shit! NO KIRSTENS! AAAARGH!


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