Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No gods or kings or dubiosly drawn women.

Rob Liefeld has created many many characters  that he owns. Already a millionaire, he, like any self respecting nerd would like to see those adapted to film with additional economic incentives clearly not hurting.But it seems like a strange curse keeps his creations confined to the books, mostly. Despite having announced many of his negatively named homunculi to be headed for the silver screen, none yet have made it.

The latest on this string of vaporfilms is Godyssey, a high concept crossover between that never saw completion, because...well...
Jesus 's not gonna take THIS lying down.

...because  Jesus kinda kung fu fights the Greek Gods. Now that is an amusing image, but naturally some of this stuff won't make it unless it's some kind of religious satire, like the Last Temptation of Christ or Superstar, which it is not because RL cleary drew Jesus backhanding Posiedon as serious shit... What's getting the cut, Robbie boy?


Oh really? The only thing that happens in Godyssey is that Jesus fights the Toga Squad. Essentially they're removing the key elements from this cruddy unfinished story and turning it in Godyssey in dumb name only.
  It's like making a Spider-Man movie based on the first Spider-Man comic cover that  follows Moira McTaggert and Kavita Rao.It's gonna be some shitty League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with gods, now.

But It's gonna be true to the source material, because it'll  never be done.


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