Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Lost Marvel Episode IV: Eef AH JUST SPREAD MY WIIIINGS!

Freckles Marvel was a part of Captain Marvel history, and not a once off oddity either: During the height of Captain Marvel's fame, at which point, need  I remind you, he was easily more recognizable than Superman,  she graced several covers. She had a town for her to inhabit,  supporting characters to her, and even a nifty apellation. And seemingly overnight, she banished off the face of the earth, never to be tarted up, or gritted up, or killed off. Just oblivion.

But she won't stay forgotten for long, because, I'm covering all her adventures in my series The Lost Marvel.

So now you see that Freckles Marvel is not a one trick pony.  One the one hand, she's an insane, delusional, clumsy violent sociopath with no  self-preservation skills. On the other, she's fairly clever, posthumanly kind, and actually able to kick some ass every once in a while. Am I reading too much into it? Ha! Jokes on you, I'm never not reading too much into it.

Once again, Mary Batson is visiting her friend Mary Dudley, who is never again adressed as Mary even by her parents. Keep in mind, last time she got here it was by train, Clearly Mary Batson has taken a liking to her. Is it too early to ship em? Sadly nothing's happening.
Well, I always come in to check in case you've choked on your own tongue.

Nothing except the town inventor visiting Mary D's father to sell him a future flight enabled backpack called a  Birmobile. The idea of just a door to door jetpack salesman is not even that amazing to them.
Look at this money! You were going to a good University before I stepped into your life!

The device works fine, with the odd, immediate, potentially fatal technical glitch.
Sometimes I forget that "Holey Moley"is not the magic phrase!

Of course, Mary  Marvel saves the day. Naturally, they put on the device away and  never again touch it.

Just kidding. Freckles puts it on, while the captions helpfully explain that, yes, everyone around her knows she's a stubborn idiot and that they will not waste words trying to explain to her how bad the idea is.
They have to physically restrain her to keep her from downing bleach.

For a while, the character gets fullfilment, and achieves peace with her fantasy of being more like Mary Marvel...

With great power come great upskirts.

... until a tragic Icarian  situation goes over. (See...read too much into it yet again). For a few pages Mary D flies all over town, wrecking shit, almost killing people, and caing general mischief. Until she's just about to die. That's when  Mary M steps in for the save.

See? What'd I tell you about upskirts!
This is why you skipped out on MKvsDC, Mary.

The Shazam girl uses her acronym powered wisdom to fix the machine, and since  both Dudely's are now fully against it, she tests it herself as Mary Batson. It's kind of a dick move, I say. Or is it a vag move? It's some kind of terrible genital move to try a device for flight even thought you can fly.
Hey! If you're not dying, you pay extra!

But speaking of assholes, Mr inventor guy now wants his invention back because it works. The nuts on this guy, I tell you. Luckilly, when they give him the device the towns people accuse him of the damage Mary D's ride caused. And also...

And so our heroines plead their goodbyes.
I'm glad I'm here instead of fighitng Captain Nazi!

This one did not raised my opinion of FMarv more than the last one, but I guess seeing Mary fly across the sky reminds me of her plight to be a hero, despite not being quite Marvel potential. It's also not the only one of a series I like to call "What if Freckles Marvel could fly?" Manifesting the character struggling with the conflict of her desires, and what happens when they obviously turning out quite different.

Whoa. See, there I go again.


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