Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Lost Marvel Episode VII: Beast Wars

Freckles Marvel was a part of Captain Marvel history, and not a once off oddity either: During the height of Captain Marvel's fame, at which point, need  I remind you, he was easily more recognizable than Superman,  she graced several covers. She had a town for her to inhabit,  supporting characters to her, and even a nifty apellation. And seemingly overnight, she banished off the face of the earth, never to be tarted up, or gritted up, or killed off. Just oblivion.

But she won't stay forgotten for long, because, I'm covering all her adventures in my series The Lost Marvel.
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That's right. Let it sink in. That's Freckie's appelation: The Teen-Ager of Mischief. Not quite New 52 shit, but good enough. Also let it sink in that Freckles Marvel is getting murdered while a guy laughs. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

In this story a contrast in approaches is presented. When shown a library, Mary Batson, secretly Mary Marvel, the World's Strongest Girl chooses to enter it and learn something. Mary Dudely, openly Freckles Marvel, the Teen-Ager of Mischief, would rather jump over a tall spiky fence. You know, just to see what would happen. She naturally gets stuck.
A skip, a hop and a Khalo.
Suddenly she spots several shady figures  jumping the fence! She naturally assumes something is amiss, because none of them are Freckles Marvel. She goes on to investigate.

Indeed, a burglary! Immediately changing into her Mary Marvel cosplay changing into her Freckles Marvel costume, she immediately starts busting into the scene and then...
Ugga! That's just a country bumpkin cheerleader!

"My tendency to not diferentiate between animal faces and human faces is my downfall!

The Passion of the Freakin Crist over here.
Humor aside, the character drops out of "delusional superhero mode" and delegates to people with actual superpowers.
I'm sure they'll just stay there like morons!

They track down the beasts and their owner, again, we get a contrast between demigodish immortality and, you know, some crazy girl in a costume.
Man, the WWE's gotten weird.
Freckles Marvel getting choked does not inhibit Mary Marvel's humane side, and she  bribes them with food to distract them.
Is Freckles getting her fingers eaten up, yet?
Fed, the animals lead MM and FM to their owner, who quickly gets some what for from the latter.
Does the sound of two teenagers sound anything like 3 animals? Serious question.
And so our heroines  quip away the story.
Was she supposed to look exasperated?
You know, sidekicks get a lot of grief in the Superhero business, and I can see that Freckles Marvel  would be troubling as part of the Marvel Family as a sidekick of a sidekick. However, as the sidekick of Mary Marvel in her solo comics, you can see there's a lot of uses for a character such as this. This story showed that  Freckles Marvel would not be able to fully beat crimes herself, but her natural dumb luck plays into involving Mary Marvel. This story was pretty fun.


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