Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Throw the books out!

Ancient man,  having an homosexual old time

Folks I have spoken on Atheism and Faith before. What I haven't written is that I don't believe these two are mutually exclusive.

I have never understood the debates. Is man's origin something that comes up all the time in our daily life? Is being wrong, or right, about the creation of all the universe an important factor in our daily lives? Is there gonna be a quiz.

And yet, this seems like a a life or death matter in the old Christian/Atheist(it never seems to be any other Faith umbrella) debate. The creation space race has many who are already sure we all evolved from so and so or where created by X or Y. When the fact is we don't know.

No we fucking don't . You don't know. We don't know. We believe, assume, guess, hypothesis. But knowledge, the kind of actual knowledge you can stick your finger into, frankly alludes us.

But despite my belief in a higher power, I am a man who is interested by science. But then, I think science is  as faulty as anything we can try and do.

For some in the Atheist community, science is their friend, who backs them up whenever mean old spiritual belief shows up it's nose. I can't hold it against you. But when your own scientist contradicts your assumptions, Atheists, own up.

Hey, I know what it's like to hold fast to your beliefs because they are YOURS. But if  building shows up and it's older that what you keep saying is our oldest civilization, own up to it. If  a tooth  that really looks like a modern man's is dated  to before what you claim is, then own up. It's not about us having crazy beliefs. Since you are the ones driven by logic and reason, apparently, you have to explain why everything you believed is wrong. Then Throw the books out.
Even hunter gatherers need hobbies

Now I'm not saying replace them with the Bible, noo. But if we're a couple thousand years older than we believe, then why fight it.  Admit it. Admit we don't know. Find a new theory. Write some new books.  Saying you know something or sure isn't up your speed. That's OUR thing.

If we keep theories around just because all our other theories  and research are based on those, it's a great discervice to  everyone involved. Or else, stick some aliens in there. That's always fun.


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