Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quit hogging all the monsters, science!

"All I ask is that you dress like cats!"
It has been discovered that several scientists have been working on human/animal hybrids in their lab in secret for quite some time in England. This scientists have been  censored for the ethic implications of the whole thing.

The ethical analysis of the whole thing is very interesting, and you can debate it whether is morally right to create such a being under the pretenses of advancing medical fields. And while I do believe there is much to worry about if this blurs the line of what human rights means or the sanctity of life, a bigger concern arises: I want my fucking Gadget now.
What? We where all 6 at one point, right?

No, shut up! You mean you guys had been doing fuckin' mutants in a lab somewhere for the last 3 years, and you didn't think: "Hey, maybe we need to be creating a Spider-Man."?  Like " Maybe, we're living in a year that starts with 2 Thousand, and we're still without Tigersharks. Maybe we oughta be working on that."

I mean, I'm not one to play God, but if you must play God, go for the win! Embrace it! Ask for funding for the mutanimals project, I'm sure I would put some money down to see Ray Fillet in real life.

I want to see this "embryos". Show me them. You can't be this selfish.   Do you think I buy the excuse that you where making manimals just because you cared about vaguely advancing fields of science? You where creating Mona Lisa, weren't you?! Share, dudes. Share.


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