Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Game commissions now open

It's a pretty sweet game.

I think there comes a time where you realize you got it. You have an ability that is worth something to someone. Something you can do that not everyone can. I figured this out just last week. This is why as of today, I am opening up commissions for videogames. That's right, for enough moolah I could be creating your video game.

Perhaps you have always wanted to star in one, or maybe you want your spouse or offspring to do so as a special gift. Maybe you have this killer idea that could be the next Angry Birds, but you lack the technical knowledge to show off the idea. A proof of concept demo can really be what convinces your financiers, whether they be EA or a Crowd-sourcing group, to see it done. Maybe you want something educational, or something religious in nature. Or maybe you just want to play as your original character, in the name of fun. Well, now it's all possible, thanks to me. Here are the ground rules.

I make your game for 60, 80, or 100 American Dollars, depending on the grade of effort your idea takes and the amount of resources I have to create. 60 we're talking Tetris for the Game Boy(but obviously I'm not going to make it only green. Unless that's what you want.). 80 We're talking Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis. 100 for Super Mario World for the NES. I'll shave off 10 dollars if you provide the music(or choose not to have it). I'll shave off 10 if you provide the graphics.I'll shave off  10 if you provide the sounds. And for an extra 50 you can take away the editable of the game.

At this point I am not taking on massive, 1000 + hours RPGs with millions of characters and sidequests. I am not making anything to do with polygons and 3D either. Frankly, I need money soon. Anything else within the bounds of reason, I could do.

Now, you may be wondering exactly what my proof is that I can make a game. Well, check the link below for a game I made for Itchio's Candy Jam. Made in a week, from the top to the bottom.

Edit: I also did Blue Swan, for the FlappyJam.

Imagine what I could do with even more time and with financial motivation! So don't delay. Email me at and we'll figure something out.


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