Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Public Domain Calculator!

A million dollars if you guess what the background image got started as.

Trying to find out when stuff becomes public domain is a hassle. You pull out your calculator and add 95 years or whatever....it's boring.

But not anymore, thanks to the Public Domain Calculator!

The PDC is a niftly little shareware I created, which does all the hard work for you. Just imput the work's first date of publishing and you can finally know when Batarangs, Baby Got Back, or Monkey Island become public domain!

What's the use? What's NOT the use! If you know which day Superman becomes public domain, well, you could create a derivative work now and just schedule it to self release in that future date, cashing in without even knowing it! It's amaaaaaziiiing!

My intuitive software checks the actual date, and lets you know if your work is, as of now, public domain. It also lets you check if under the previous law it would have  been public domain, so you can see what you're missing.  Try it today, and don't forget to fight for your right to a healthy public domain!

*Laws are ever subject to change, and may not apply where you live. I take no responsibility for any legal wrongdoing made under the advise of the PDC.


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