Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Atheists and Logic: A rant

First of all, I want to open up this by saying: Yes, I am a Christian. one of 1.5 Billions. Yes I believe that a being who's nature is mysterious created existence and us, and that he sent a being who may have been his Son to save our immortal souls.

Do I HAVE to? Drag Yourself!

Thing is, I rarely bring this up. This is because a) I suck at convincing people of things and b) because I've come to realize that there is a whole world out there full of people who don't agree with me,who are ethically, ethnically, socially, mentally, and spiritually different from me.. And that's okay. If people approach me about my beliefs, we'll talk. Otherwise you can go on being yourself, because the salvation of your soul isn't on me. As I entered the global culture of the internet, though I noted a strange, thought. It's that, what in real life might be a guy in a Megaphone yelling at you for wearing hotpants(in the tropics, yeah, I see no reason WHY anyone would want to wear little clothing.) In the internet has become a big old angry atheist unpromptedly saying that there is no God and you're a Retard.Try it. Look at the comment pages of anything on Youtube that's slightly faith related. Or maybe it's not at all. Otherwise, you'll see what I'm talking about.
How does a guy who hates religions end up at a Prince of Egypt Youtube vid?

But that's just Youtube, right, where comments range from rants to "Lolwut". Except that other sites have that same kind of trolling behavior. You don't believe? Then get a load of KillJeebus.

"Oh no, my child might start beLIEving in the WRONG Invisible Man in the Sky
As an Atheist, I find this funny. Oh nooooes, my child has been exposed. Jebus! Jebus....SAVE my child.

All religion and ALL doG's are MANMADE. Everything we know about every single doG or doG's have been told to us by other HUMANS.

Someday, the world will wake up and realize that we live on a "pale, blue dot" in a sea of blackness and fighting over who's doG is better than another's doG is useless and a waste of time.

Except of course the ONE TRUE OMNIPOTENT ONE....His Noodlyness the
Flying Spaghetti Monster. HE is the one, the only TRUE GOD, and your only hope of salvation!!!

Come brothers and sisters, be touched by his Noodly Appendage and find peace with fellow Pastafarians at the base of the Beer Volcano next to the Stripper Factory.

RAmen "
That's telling us!

Killjeebus(Note the Simpsons reffrence, even though a) Simpsons' God seems to quite often exist in their canon and B) after Homer claims to not believe in "Jeebus" he turns around and ASKS FOR HIS HELP!) is a user of engadget forums, mosly Joystiq. Whenever anything slightly religion related apears he's there, to make sure to remind us how much thinking differently than him makes us suck. Not even in a graceful way either, but like the most retarded wordings and turns of phrase. Yeah doGs instead of gods, thanks, killy, you're super witty and charming. I am abandoning my beliefs, because while looking for info on video games somebody wrote a bunch of mean-spirited words. You ar not enlightened and you are not South Park funny.

And that's where we arrive at the heart of my argument. Atheists, I'm addressing you directly and in no uncertain terms.

Let's get some enlightened Trash talking here!

We Do have our disagreements, and that's unlikely to change. However, you run on a platform of logic, scientific reason, and research. And my request to you will not be made in the name of the faith, but in the name of logic. I'm asking that you play by the very rules you want others to play.

Do you REALLY believe acting like acid spitting cobras has ever convinced anyone? Being that we're the emotional ones and you're the rational ones, what part of "you are stupid" convincing anyone is rational? Has that ever worked? "Oh, yeah, buy this car asshole, or stay retarded." If you can't have simple human civility and respect for others then you probably aren't all that strong in your conviction. That is, you should not be haranguing people about it, bcause you are not a serious person.

Also, if we humans are devoid of souls, and are only animals, albeit social and smart animals, that means we only live to perceive, then die into nothingness. That gives at most 100 years(haha, not with today's food!) to live. What is rational about using any of that time to try and get people to agree with you by harassing them? Dude, you're probably half dead already. Go get an atheist sandwich and an orgy, there's no time! And after that you die. All your possessions, all your argument, and whatever mark you left onthe world, it won't matter. You'll still be dead. And in any case, wouldn't having the knoweledge that God doesn't exist make you more powerful (because knoweledge is power), therefore it behooves you to convince as many people as possible that there IS a God? Because that would be good for you, and then, what reason is there to help others?
Yes, I only know the quote because of Mortal Kombat.

Finally, some of you feel that Religion has cause every problem in existence, and that it's disappearance will solve all of them. Wrong and Wrong. Religion is just another flavor of leadership. In reality wars happen because groups(which might be defined by their religion or other factors, such as nationality or history) are lead by people. People usually like power. Having the resources of a land gives you power. So War! For example, the war in Palestine. Is it a coincidence that two groups claim belings to them also happens to be a SWEET SPOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT? No, it is not. If you think otherwise, well that's stupider than believing the world is 6000 years old. It's simple sociology, and if you don't know this, you are way behind on the atheist race! Get to reading!

People kill people because they are people: They're petty, they're mean and they're self righteous. Even if you eliminate religion from the equation, you'd still be dealing with a heterogeneous bunch of ethnies, cultures, and beliefs. And you'd still have leaders, who are still petty, mean and self righteous. Or am I wrong here? I can't know more about this stuff than you!

And much in the same way alchemy didn't bring us golden puppies, but ended up bringing us other advancements, Religion, even if it where not an actual solution or be even close to the truth, HAS brought some good into the world and would continue to do so. The kinds of ethical imperatives brought forth by faiths have lead into laws, which lead into law enforcement, which is the thing that usually keeps your creepy neighbor from entering your house and raping you. I would suggest keeping Religions around. You may not agree with them. Hell I don't agree with MOST of them. But they aren't badder than any other organized anything. Certainly not worse than organized Child traffickers and they don't get nearly as much grief from you. If you must attack religions, the least you could do is have some continuity with why you don't like about it and be unlike what you consider them. For otherwise, you're no better than the zealots you disagree with. A preacher with no message. A Bible thumper with no bible. A tree with no fruit.




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