Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pack your bags, kids. We're leaving.

Nasa has recently discovered a planet with similar orbital properties to earth. And they believe, from looking at it from earth, it has a shot at being habitable.

Gliese 581d sucks as  a name, though I will dub thee Mirage planet.

Now, as much as the article uses bummer words like, "inconclusive", I want to go there but yesterday. As a Megalomaniac in the making, nothing would please me more than an entire planet for me to rule. Yes, I'll make out with all of the Leopard women, but not before changing their earth mind...

However, unless we invent  faster space travel I probably won't go there, as it is 20 Light Years away from us. In rice and beans, it would take thousands of years and nobody lives that long. Even then you're just gonna find out if it's Apes, Apokolips or Eternia.

I do believe we should still go, and I've been cooking up a plan. Now, I know Nasa doesn't take  unsolicited Ideas, but hear me out?

How about if instead of sending a small crew, you send out a small community?

Instead of fussing about whether we can get there right now, let's send  a community in a bio-dome type enclosure. Eventually, space is gonna get lonely and they are gonna start having kids. And those kids will have kids. And eventually after many generations they will get to the new planet and...well, If it's a good planet they'll stay and if it's a bad planet they'll uh...you know.
Or, uh maybe, I don't know...

It's not as easy as I'm saying it. Space tourism is hard now when everyone in the ship is necessary to keep the ship in orbit. And you HAVE too keep the space society in line because you can't joke with this shit,one wrong move and you're in hell. So I'm suggesting  all social activities as well as steering of the space ark is handled by an artificial intelligence. I know movies like 2001: A Space Oddysey make us fear having robots up there handling things, but as long as we don't teach them nursery rhymes, it should be okay. Hell, a couple of robot concubines could be deployed if population  ever explode dangerously.
I could go for a Winona...

As for what to do once there, well what not to do! We should start cloning every species of earth animal right there and then. You take fertilized eggs or embryos or DNA and then start being fruitfull. Hell, if taking a human population  isn't feasible, we could just take human reproductive cells and birth people there, in vitro.

I know, this are the ramblings of a madman. But I do believe  having a backup humanity would be only good. You can't put all your eggs on one basket! That's how the Dinosaurs died(also Dee AYZZ EIGE!)

So let's not dawdle. Let's go there.


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