Sunday, May 1, 2011

Superman's alternate controversial trollings

A U.N. HEARING? Now I know why they are called ACTION comics!

 OGM! Did you hear!? Superman is renouncing to his citizenship! That means that...well, I wouldn't know what it means.  I thought he was a big guy who flew and went around the world punching the bad guys, but I guess his citizenship was important to that, somehow? And now that's gonna change, I guess?

 Seriously, though, this is the biggest made up controversy since...well, since he died. Maybe even more, because that brought about Steel, which is good. So, how else could Superman duped the masses into Flamewars? I attempt to unearth the truth.

Supergirl is just a sock puppet account.

How about Max Payne, then?
The effects of red Crunktonite!

Just like Lady Gaga's music videos...


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