Monday, May 2, 2011

Leaked in Early Secrets: The secret Mortal Kombat DLC characters.

Busy weekend, huh? Mine too. If you're thinking I'm about to say I killed Bin Laden, then noo. Navy S.E.A.L.S. killed Bin Laden. I did have to re-kill his second form  after they threw him on the ocean. Damn Necronomicon.

But besides that, I was at Netherrealm games. I was studying with ED Boon memorable catchphrases one can say to  a hybrid Terrorist Leader/Cthulu. While in there, Boon showed me some sketches of the planned DLC characters for  the new, uncreatively named Mortal Kombat game.

As you might remember,  recently they declared rumored characters who weren't playable before will be, and  as such they are adding Skarlett, a red pallette swap female ninja.  I was shown the sketched, and out of respect I didn't steal them, but I did recreate them from my brilliant memory. I measure respect by the micron.

First in the line is Kizonde. Who? Well, you remember Raiden's friendship in MK2? Where he generated a kid in Raiden garb that yelled " Kid Thunder"! Well, he's all grown up and ready for battle, playing like Frost to Raiden's Subzero. He's a heartthrob, that one but he's filled with angst becaue Raiden abandoned him!
It's nice to turn something that was supposed to be funny into something mopefull and overdramatic, isn't it MTV?

Next in the line, From the  darkest pit of the Netherrealm, It's Zebron! Furious by Johny Cage's endorsment of Fur trade, he wants nothing more than to rip off his skin and wear it. In fact that's his Fatality.
He's from Madagaskar.

Next up is King Jerrod, former ruler of Edenia, who was thought to be dead, but hid away in Seido and trained to one day get it all back form Shao Kahn...Monte Kristo style.
I asked if it was inspired by Gouken. They laughed and asked their lawyers what to answer.

And last but not least we have Nimbus, an African American Muay Thai master because that's the only martial arts black people are any good at in fighting games. What's really different about him, though is his use of clou...klouds as weapons.

 I expect more in the future, but I don't know. With the pool of existing  or rumored Mortal Kombat characters shrinking, I fear soon they might have to invent new ones. That's a scary thought.

That's more or less it for this installment of L.I.E.S. Remember, if the Truth hurts...there's always  L.I.E.S.


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