Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Capcom Makes UMVC3, MVC exhaustion official

Not particularly close.

Look, Capcom, I can't be mad at you for announcing a newer, better Marvel vs Capcom 5 months after the original was launched. For one, we know the story of the scorpion and the frog. If someone thought the creators of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix to be beyond remaking  the latest game, they don't know their history. For another one, I never bought Vanilla MVC3 because I'm poor.

However, I can't get on the hype train anymore.  I've done it all. I made movements. I told L.I.E.S.(And more and more L.I.E.S). I freaking outed a character before he came out. THERE ISN'T ANYMORE LEFT TO GIVE, CAPCOM.

So you announced Ghost Rider(who was previously declared too punchy) Strider(Who was previously said not to work in game) Firebrand(a former background character) and Hawkeye. And there's still 8 characters to guess. No flights of fancy and no pictures this time, the other 8 characters are probably Cable(for pissing me off) Dr Octopus(Info in disk),  Frank West(same as last), Ken(because people are stupid), Spider-Woman(because Marvel likes) Virgil(Fans are stupid) Iceman, and Megaman Dan. Tiffany Lords isn't in, Lin Kurosawa isn't in, none of the characters I want are in.

I'm not trying to be a drag, I expect the game to be good. But I can't muster up more imagination. It's all been washed away by the cynism of real life...what? Leaked Roster, you say? Wright is in? Dr Strange?

I might just start hyping again.


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