Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Further discussin Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The Pringles is strong with this one.
In a way, what I said is true: no more than ever there is very little for me to write about Ultimate MVC. Especially now that you know which characters are in. I mean, I could guess DLC characters or costumes. However, I want to talk about the 12 new characters and what I think of their inclusion as well as other announced features.

I've never liked Hawkeye. His costume is sucky and he's just like Green Arrow. I never liked Green Arrow.
I did like his Hyper where he shoots out Antman. Batzarro ain't ever seen something like that before.

I fully expected would turn up in the first full game. Did they really plan Firebrand as DLC?  He's interesting, but not really "take my money" interesting.

Rocket Racoon:
I have heard lots of good things about Rocket Racoon. Never read his adventures myself. But in game, it seems to me he's another gun guy in a game full of gun guys, albeit in shorter, cuter form. Again, not familiar, and not hating. I'm just not keen on more gun guys.

Nemesis: It's good that Capcom it's filling it's side of the villain Quota. Personally I would have gone with someone like Bison or Sigma, but Nemesis is a good choice, too.

Dr Strange: Yesh!  Dr Strange is an excellent choice with lot's of move potential and he's also an Icon of the Marvel universe. Good to see him here.

Vergil: Now, I poked a bit of fun at Vergil, but he does have a lot of moves that aren't like Dante's. I don't care much about DMC, but he could be good.

Ironfist: It makes sense. One of Marvel's finest fighters. In a Fighting game. Plus, validation.

Frank West: This one's a bit obvious. I mean, they clearly meant for him to be in regular olf MVC3.

Nova: I grew up with Nova's adventures. I was saddened when we found him on four blocks and with all the parts stolen.

Wait, not that Nova?

Phoenix Wright: My favorite new choice.  I will main him every day.

It's not all new fighters, though. There will aparently be new palettes and new costumes to play as. Aparently every character will have 2 new costumes and or palettes. I'm not quite sure if these are all included in the game, but at least certain costumes such as Casual Morrigan and Elvis Modok are paid for.  Still no U.S. Agent.

Also, aparently more story stuff and endings will be available. This is good. Us 1 player fighting game sociopaths need love too.

And spectator mode is back! What the heck was the game like without it?

In short, I'm glad I was not able to buy the first game game, because until the arcade edition arrives, this will be the definitive Marvel vs Capcom 3.


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