Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Concept art from Ultra Crush Siblings

Here's some concept art from Ultra Crush Siblings, my highly comatose project. Ironically what held me back from working on it was my lack of knoweledge on how to make it, but now that I have it, I also know better than to put the kind of effort it would take on something that would at least gain me  no money and at most cost me a lawsuit.  I'm not fully giving up on it, but I'm focused on Alpha Danger Squad now, which is going very good. But enough talk. Here's the things.

Gravemind. I planned for this to be the final boss. Wouldn't it be cool to fight the Gravemind insted of just Talking to him? Huh, Halo?

Kasumi. Dead or Alive is getting less Xbox centric all the time, but I'd have put her anyway as a guest. Sigh.

Liara. Ditto. Liara was always my favorite Mass Effect character.

Master Chief.

Buki, from the whatever-the-reception-it had- RPG Sudeki.

Flint, from Brute Force.

Fergie Fudgehog, from Square's main franchise Viva Piñata. Saying that makes me sick.

Shadow, from Kakutou Chojin, Back Alley Brutal.

Tara Vives, from Quantum Redshift.

Vince, from Voodoo Vince.


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