Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mind over creative matter

A few weeks ago, it was announced that a plane simulator had been flown outstandingly by non-pilots using a helmet that directly obeyed their mental commands. "That certainly seems like it could change aeronautics..." I thought. "...but how does that make my dreams come true?"

I wasn't thinking about dreams of a future utopia or equality or anything like that. I meant the weird mental mini-movies that play when you're asleep. For the longest time I've wanted a device that can record what my brain does in it's off hours, so that I can show everyone my dream where Marty McFly is a lady in a blue jumpsuit who Kristen Keruk tries to bribe with  some futas. Well, maybe not that one. That one's for me.
You're not a sex object in my dreams, be-be!

The point being, the technology is still not there to put what we see in our minds into reality. However, there is another use I see for this.

You see, that simulator the pilots flew was made with lots of typing of code, and moving of mouse, to generate what looks  like a plane flying over what looks like a ground. But what if it wasn't? What if, you just put on your little helmet, and go thinking of how you want that plane to look. You go thinking how you want the plane to react. And it just goes arming the program as it goes.
"All you guys, you're fired! We're cutting down the staff to one guy!"

Computer modeling is an art, but if we could remove the required hand coordination, to make a character you'd just sit there squinitnng until the monster you want pops up onscreen. You just squint some more to create a synth voice that sounds like Idris Elba. You animate the movie with your mind, and then as you watch it, you think of the music it should have as  an FL studio ish program creates the music you want the movie to have. With enought Squinting you could totally make your Pacific Rim fanmovie. 
"Da! It feel so good to be alive! We where lucky to eject in time!"

To say nothing of controls for the games themselves. Direct control over your character's exact movements!  Comfort your wounded dog!  Chokeslam your enemies! Slap  every tit in Morrowind!

I feel like Mike Teevee in that Wily Wonka remake. Good, you can fly planes real easy, even though it's hard. However, somewhere along the way of making that easier, these guys seem to have stumbled into a way to make EVERYTHING TO DO WITH COMPUTERS EASIER. Put me down for 20 of those with a USB cable. I have stories about Violet and Merida to tell.


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