Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Mortal Kombat X Bingo

Hey there, boys and girls! Here's a little game I cribbed from Joystiq. I'm gonna throw some guesses at the Recently announced Mortal Kombat X. If I four of these guesses in a row then Bingo, I win.

The Mortal Kombat bingo is applicable until E3 ends.Here's a description of each thing, in case y'all can't read this Simpsons font. Fight!

Fujin is Back

Remember Fujin? Well he hasn't shown up in 8 years, which in itself is a 9 year wait from Mortal Kombat 4. Fujin gotta rise again.


They're gonna Retkon the shit out of having killed a bunch of good guys and sent them to hell. Well, they would do that, eventually. My bet is they're gonna do it now.

New Faces

AT E3. I mean, yeah, they announced they where gonna have new characters, but will we see them? Probably, yeah.


Are you gonna have to pay 5 dollars to play as Sheeva? Well, would you?

Kustom Karacters

Fuck and yes. This option's been sorely missed.

Jack Bauer Plays Subzero

Well, why wouldn't he?

Konquest story mode

Well, they aren't just gonna make a little movie this time, huh?

Most of the Kast from MK4 and after

Well, they already did retread the first 3 games (again) so maybe they can get on with things.

Unplayable karakter bekomes playable.

Well, I think they've just about used every asshole that ever was mentioned or rumored. But maybe Kid Thunder will show up.

Simplified Fatalities

Forward, back, back fuck off. Nobody wants to do those little dances anymore. I'll eat my hat if performind finishing moves isn't simplified this time around.

Tanya rides again

We all love Tanya. We want her back.



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