Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ROMantic shenanigans: Creepy music edition

My cousin Brett has, like, a million roms. I believe he is despicable, and his practice of downloading roms is depriving game companies of much needed income.

However, I recently had a though while in his house all the way in Vieques: what happens if you load a savestate of one game into another. You see, I wanted Knuckles in Sonic one. It didn't pan out, but check out this weird songs I got out of it!

I have yet to catch some of the visual weirdness on camstudio, but trust me, I've gotten some weird shit to happen. You know, when I go to Brett's house.  I recommend when you go to your own cousin'
s house you try some of this shit out, especially loading states from one region to another.


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