Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movies Ramble- Asteroids, King Kong

Lately there's been some movie news that I just need to get out of my chest. I mean, I've already done so, but the comments section of Latino Review doesn't have the potential to make me money.

First of, there's a new version of King Kong coming up. Now, we all know this story. Dudes travel to Island, find giant Gorilla , bring giant Gorilla to New York and show him off to people, Gorilla dies in a hail of gunfire because he climbed a huge ass building.

There are, however. Some key differences from the last version. For one, it will probably be under 24 hours long this time. For second, it will be set in a modern day setting. Thirdly, It will be animated by Fox's animation studios. And finally it will follow the titular ape's perspective.

Translation: It will be a bout a wisecracking,dated pop culture referencing(calling it now) giant Ape who has to rescue his Island and new human friend from MAAAAN! And at the end they sing pop songs.

Artist's rendition

Secondly, WB is writing a Hawkman movie. The studio that found adapting Justice League, Flash, Teen TItans, Suicide Squad, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman way too fucking hard is asking scriptwriters to make a script. About Hawkman.

What the hawk?

I don't know what's worse that they probably won't or that they potentially could. I mean the raw nerve. Way to sidestep every character people actually want a movie about from DC. I'm not saying there aren't Hawkman fans out there. Just that going "We aren't too sure if we can make money off this Wonder Woman character. Best play it safe and try Hawkman instead" doesn't sound sane at all.

You know who has less fans than Hawkman? Asteroids. I'm not saying the classic arcade game doesn't have people who like it.  Just that very few people are intrinsically dedicated to Asteroids.  And many much less salivating at the thought of a movie.
Does this look like Movie Material to you?

We've already talked about how they're making that movie, though that was before  they hired Destroyer of Worlds Roland Emmerich to direct.

Two Tickets, please...
This makes so much sense it's like mocking me. Roland Emmerich to direct a movie in which stuff probably gets smashed by Asteroids? Really?
At least plot details are coming clear. back in the 9, Lorenzo Bonaventura said:"Without divulging too much about it, it's two lead characters -- two brothers -- who have to go through a seminal experience to figure out their relationship, against this huge backdrop."

And the latest news is that it's about a future after aliens have destroyed the earth and  want to finish the job on humanity, I'm assuming with asteroids somehow being involved.  And with Emmerich at the helm, you can rest assured the lore and deep characterization of the games will remain intact.

On slightly non-news, I haven't heard anything on the BubbleGum Crisis movie slated for this year. As an enthusiast of ass kicking women in media, this  disturbs me. Not because it could potentially not be made. But because the last time I eagerly awaited for an obscure adaptation of a robo armor wearing hero and didn't hear much of it was in 1996, and then Steel was released. If something like Bubblegum crisis becomes a movie I have to  watch it.'s hoping it doesn't suck too bad if it gets made.


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