Friday, January 21, 2011

5 games that deserve HD remakes


Recently I talked about the reaction that Sonic 2 HD remake some fans are making.  Personally, I think we may have had enough re-releases of Sonic 2 that I think a new one is unwarranted. 
But the fact is, graphic remakes aren't just the domain of fans with too much time in their hands. From Super Mario All Stars to Street Fighter Long name HD, it's not a new thing to take what we once new and resell it to us with shiny new visuals. It has picked up recently, thanks to digital sale of old games and how much piracy has made that unnecessary.

I think, though, there's some underrated gems that need to be redone in HD, if only for people to experience the joys they bring. Here's the list

Moon Patrol
Get a room, you two!
Moon Patrol is one of those games from the days Atari ruled the world and Arcades existed. In it, you, the player, controlled a futuristic  space vehicle around earth's least spyfull sattelite as you use your ships weapons, capable of firing forward and upwards, but never diagonally, in it's fight against, alien ships and rocks.

The graphical upgrades surely wouldn't be all that hard to do, but the theme ..that's where the awesomeness should be found.

Toki Denshou: Angel Eyes
It's the war of Arack, and I hope there's no exit strategy.

Before Tecmo and Tomonobu Itagaki found the perfect blend of Fighting and Boobs, with DOA, Tecmo released in Arcade and in Playstation 1 a game Featuring an all girl cast and beautiful 2d graphics. The game's characters are strange, from red headed westerner Mysterious Power and jumpsuit clad Highway Star to a Ninja Maid.

Sadly, the game languishes in obscurity, even though you may be able to download it from the PSN store. So many people are missing the game ingenious auto homing dash button and Mysterious Power's hilarious Engrish...

The game's one flaw, though, is it's blend of Prerendered CG models with the game's gorgeous anime style  hand drawn sprites. I guess the Devs felt 2D was going out of favor, and the game wouldn't sell, but the blend of 2d and 2d that used to be 3d does not work. I suggest redoing the prerendered models into full 3d ones. It'll still look awefull as hell combined with HD remade Sprites, but it'll look Better-awefull!

Mischief Makers
Marina and Prof Theo, offering their thoughts on full 3d movement.

Mischief Makers is a gem. One of Treasure's, well, treasures during the N64s early years, the game follows oddly names android Marina as she rescues her creator time and time again.

What this game did with the resources of it's time. Instead of going buckling down and going 3d like so many games where doing, Treasure instead created one of the most visually striking games since the last time they where at it. Not to mention the gameplay was fantastic. One stage you where hitching a ride on a missile, the other you wher ehitting a giant monster in the face with his own fist.

However, it's startign to show it's age. You can see the edges around th e prerendered elements. Rerender the prerendered and bring back the Beastector!

Disney's Aladdin

Wow.  What's the genie smiling about?
Disney's Aladdin was a cinema smash it. As such, Disney Partnered with Capcom to create a game based on the movie. Take note, younger readers: Usually Licenced games are bad, and this is true since the dawn of pixels; but everytime Disney and Capcom got together they kicked everyone's ass.

And you had to climb inside, too.  So it's true, then?

The old Aladdin game loosely retold the film's plot through platforming. And sure, the graphics looked nice. But we could make it go full quality Disney animation graphics.

Bad Dudes
Eerily similar dudes defend America's policy regarding Ninjas!

 Bad Dudes is a fairly unremarkable  beat-em-up that has in the last decade ascended to fame-infamy over 3 thing: It's ridiculous plot involving Ninjas and the US President, The way  measures street cred by capacity to rescue said President from Ninjas, the President's pitiful reward to two supermen who took out of their free time to rescue him and how which president it was depended on who was the actual president.

Real subtle, there, Dragoninja.

But the graphics of the game? Not that good. Beat em ups have looked a lot better since. An HD Remake of the game would be awesome. Plus, I heard there's a new President in town.

A Burger? Is that where my Taxes are going?


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