Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changes: what do they mean to you?

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes 'round here. I've updated the look to the Blog, as you may have noticed, and thanks to DJRM's advise, my tags are less shitty everyday. But there's more I want to announce.

This Blog has very  little structure, but I have managed  to work in  some features non-constantly. But how will you know when I'm just venting senselessly or when I'm kinda sorta lying for clicks joking? Well, allow me to introduce the new Feature Identification Buttons! This will let you, the client, know exactly what  you will find
below it without having to read. For newer readers, it should provide a little background on the way we do things here.

 The Staple of Internet writing. I copied  was very inspired by Cracked's format. Hey, if it ain't broken why fix it?

 There are movies that are fun to talk about, especially if they are bad. I try o be insightfull, but I'm mostly not. It's ussually a movie I saw recently, either in the cinema or otherwise.

This one is new! I am working on a feature where I talk about a game for each year I've lived. 

"Hey, guys, I'm working on a game, that I will invariably forget to keep working on and will never tell you!"
I draw sometimes, and sometimes do bad photoshops.

 Deviant Art is a fun place to post terrible art. As a bad artist, I feel no shame in pointing out exactly what is wrong with people's art.

 I leak secrets that no one would (or should) believe.

I've begun considerations to do Bilingual Blogging, but I'm afraid I might be too lazy for it. And since this is Bestgeekeverpr, I would have to change all this to my other blog and make this one in Spanish. Hurm. But I'll let you guys know if anything develops on that front.


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