Saturday, January 8, 2011

My DLC picks for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Which reminds me it's almost mango season over here...

We're on our final stretch of MVC3 watch, with only short weeks before Capcom takes us all for a ride. I say the roster is mostly full of great choices so far.

But...rumor has it the final reveals are...very sad. Akuma and Sentinel in. Megaman and Bison out.

I think it's an unfortunate choice to put Akuma in when Bison offers so much more in gameplay terms. And Sentinel...I would rather Cable be in. You can't please the Tier whores unless you make him God King of the Dojo again. And who wants that?

So we pin our hopes on DLC. I'm a little wary of it. They already announced Jill "The Master of Unlocking" and Shuma "Been in all of 12 comics" Gorath are in the download pipeline, together costing less than 20 bucks. I don't feel this is ripoff only in that Jill and Shuma are completely unessential to me. Seriously thought they weren't gonna make it and I did not give a damn.

But which Characters I would pay for, though, read on!

The Thing 
Lousy, no good crossovers...

Some would argue that Thing would be far too similar to Hulk in  moves. Those people would probably argue against She Hulk being in, so they have no bearing here. I think The Thing's  major difference should be his resistance: He should be superarmored, which I think Hulk is not.

 Misty Knight
Happy non-lethal retaliation day!

Misty Knight is Marvel's Blaxsploitation inspired female character. She is a bionic armed African American lady with Big hair and a bionic arm and kung fu skills. In an era where people don't think  movies like Sucker Punch or Cowboys and Aliens are too tacky to exist, who can argue that Misty Knight shouldn't be in MVC3?

Quick test: Why would a robot SIT?

 Ultron is a robot who wants to erradicate all life. I think Ultron's time to shine fast aproaches, and he would indeed be better than Sentinel.

 Amadeus Cho
That face tattoo really brings out the woman in you!

Amadeus Cho is a super-genius Asian of sorts. His inventions and wit have made him an internet favorite. So he's awesome ,but not a lot of media to show. D'Oh!
Alas, poor Antman. I knew him. He was a man of gaudy taste who once slapped his wife.

Sigma, voiding Zero's warranty

Sigma is a robot who wants to erradicate all life. I think Sigma's time to shine fast aproaches, and he would indeed be better than Akuma.

Sigma has taken many forms duting his tenure. While his moves should encompass a anything he did in the Megaman X series short of giant robot forms, his original Green armored dude with a lightsaber is my choice of look.

 Vanessa Schneider
She's a Private Dancer! Dance until Morning! Shoot at some robots and things!

Vanessa is from the Gamecube 3rd person P.N.03. While the game hasn't exactly become Capcom's signature game, the main character's style, fighting and  attacking enemies while gyrating to the beat, would be crazy awesome to have in this game. A flipping, shaking rhythmical fighter! How cool would that be?

Linn Kurosawa
I'd be scared to see someome that happy draw a sword.

Not a chance!? I know! But...hear me out! Linn Kurosawa is great! She can like, cut people up with a Katana!  w.. Oh you already have that? She can , like SHOOT with guns that...Oh, that too. Still, she is awesome, and Cameod around Capcom for many yea...Oh, you are right! I already said all this in my old post. It still stands for reason she's an interesting character who could balance the new faces.

Phoenix Wright
Still Waiting...

Opinion polls confirm Phoenix Wright is one of the most sought after characters for this game. This is it, Capcom. It's money, sitting across your table. I know yo tried to put him in other games and failed. But now the time is ripe. With DLC, you have time to nail whatever it is wasn't working down. Some people think a lawyer with no fighting skills would be ridiculous in a fighting game. And I agree.

That is exactly what would make it awesome.

He'd be  a new Jin, a new Capt. Falcon. After this, no one will wonder what  Phoenix Wright would be like in a fighting game. No one would imagine a fighing game without Phoenix Wright.


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