Monday, January 17, 2011

Now count with me...

Eating Cheetos and fighting that order.

Starring discount store Barrack Obama!

Actually, I meant to see it eventually.

Sometimes when I wake up stiff, I blame aliens.

The new Hollywood lightbeam diet!

Chin-to-the-eye piercings: Because we ran out of body-parts to needle!

The fire is really appropriate. Thanks.

Jack of all trades?

Depp is clearly drugged from that fat blunt, just like Polanski wanted him to be...

A.K.A. Step UP 2 da World

Oh, oh! My Tim Burton's wife senses are tingling!

In this movie, Banderas is an Arab Muslim who fights with/for Vikings. No jokes needed here.

It's good to have that out of my head. Do whatever you want with it, Internet.


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