Friday, January 28, 2011

F.A.R.T. Back for moar.


It's once again time to check the latest attempts at  less than greatest attempts at Fan Art DA has to offer! That's right, it's the return of Fan Art Review Time! Or whatever the hell the T used to stand for!

Our first choice brought me back on the game. If I saw this anywhere else than on DA I would shrug it.

At least they didn't take previously made jobs and called them their own.

Yes, pasted an image of the 911 terrorist attacks, and wrote to it's left it was an inside job.

I don't want to waste your time with my opinion  of  911-iz-inside-jobz, but come on. It's called "Deviant Art", not "Deviant propaganda". You want to say 911 was really done by Leopard Women from Venus riding giant saurians? FINE. Just put it in ART FORM. Don't just put this shit up there!

Man, it really has been awhile. I'm having trouble finding truly disturbing/bad art. Let's check the mines. That is, Sonic Fandom.
Here's 3 things you should imagine Shadow saying 1)Hmp!2) Maria...3) I am the ultimate life form!

This is why we can't have nice things, guys. I wonder how the thought train goes. "Shadow is a cold, Emo hedgehog who is constantly remembering a single girl from his past. So, duh, it's obvious he'd go gay for Sonic The Hedgehog. And they would celebrate their love with giant chocolate covered pickles, right? Wut wut?"

ANd you know, sometimes the pencil can do things that put bitmap to shame. In fact, those times are usually always. S'ides, Sonic shoulld look bigger, since he's closer.

I can't show you the next one in full. Be aware that apparently looking at drawings of naked teens can land you in hot water.
It was old Mr Rapedungeon all along!
Yes, in this commission, someone requested a drawing of Daphne, of Scooby Do fame, naked and crucified. Except  she has comepletely abnormal genitalia, which seems to consist of a tongue coming from under where her vagina should be.

What amazes me is that this was commissioned. I understand comissions is where a guy pays money and then you draw what he asks, correct? THe thought that someone payed money for such simple, terribla art is trully disheartening.


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