Monday, February 7, 2011

5 Casting Choices that could piss off the Boycott Thor guys

Never Forget.

 It's Black History month in America, and I want to make a feature about it After all, I may, or not be American, or understand the struggles that blacks went though so that The Game could say he screwed Mya, but I do like looking at Brandy.
I really do.
So to celebrate, I want to figure out a casting choice that will make the guys who-don't-think-Thor's-friend Hypergrab-should-be-cast-black furious.  So if I was a casting agent, and also a troll to racists, what would I do? Well...


 Invariably there's gonna be a Street Fighter movie, and invariably it's gonna be lame. But what if instead of  Ryu being Japanese Canadian(you know he's gonna be), he was Black?
What they would say :
"They're stealing away roles from White people . It is Obama's Fault!"


What they would say :
 We remember how cool and pointless the internet movement to get Donald Glover to be Spiderman was. But what if it had succeded?
What they would say :"How does it make sense that  a black man from Queens is a Superhero? Are there even Black People in Queens!?"

3) Duke Nukem

A Duke movie was rumored a million years ago(after the announcement of Forever,though, natch!) . But what if they had a twist on the obvious parodies Duke was doing on 80s/90s action tropes?
What they would say :
"Duke Nukem represents everything America is: that is being famous for saying things other people did way before. Have we not suffered enough?"
It's animal cruelty! Let those puppies out now!
2)Black Cat
"Hey, we're Hollywood, and we need to find a way to make you be able to tell which blond girl falls of a bridge and comes back with water powers  and dies which one is a ripoff of Catwoman. Hmm. I know, we'll make one of them black. "
What they would say :
"Didn't they learn their lesson last time? I mean, it was clearly the Blackness that screwed Catwoman up and not the acting, effects, script , or the fact it was a quick cash in using a script from 1995."
One day, I will marry Morphthing. I SWEAR IT!
What they would say :
"Now, come on. It doesn't get any whiter than the Joker!  How is it believable a black Man dresses in all purple, mistreats his women, and is highly casual about violence and exploitation of others in general?"


  1. Hello, I request the ryu picture to be removed, because my friend is getting harassed about it because people search his game name.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

  2. So can you please take the Ryu picture down? Second request.

  3. I was unable to reply to your mail. I have questions regarding all this but vor now ill just remove the pic. I am sad anyone was hurt. this was not the intention. Good day.