Friday, February 4, 2011

Proof of a Miracle

I said I do not talk about my religious beliefs too much in an earlier post, but I feel recent events warrant it.

Last Wednesday, my mother recieved a call that left her  pretty sad. I prodded, because I suspected what it might be, and I don't like being left in the dark. She told me our grandma had had a heart attack and was hospitalized. I prepared for the worst, but It did not  sound like she was dead. Friday we went to see her. I assisted my uncle, a Pastor/Rabbi of...well it's a Christian Church that takes those extra jewish parts seriously, in getting my cousin. My uncle told me, granny had fallen into a comma of which there was no hope of getting back from. He told me doctors said her vital signs where not compatible with life. It sounded pretty definitive. I fully expected the next day we'd be disconecting her.

But the next day we did not disconnect her. The next day, she awoke. She started getting better and better.

I know what you're thinking: "Now this religious nut guy is gonna take something that I can probably explain in a few sentences and say it was God that did it". You know what? Maybe it wasn't God. Maybe the machines where wrong. Maybe the Doctor made a mistake, or maybe he wanted to set expectations real low.

My granny's in her 80s. She's gonna die, and probably in not too long a time. So I say, yes, it's entirely possible I did not witness the work of an omnipotent being working behind the veil of what we know as real.

I may never know the reason, but I think I should still say this: Thank you God for helping  my Granma.


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