Thursday, February 10, 2011

Horrendous Theory: Who Rainbow Mika really is.

Let's have a heart to heart

Folks, I like some things you don't and that you may not.  The only answer I can give to that is that I like things for different reasons.

One of those things is Rainbow Mika, unarguably Street Fighter's least liked character. Debuting in the third prequel to Street Fighter 2, Mika's odd combination of  grappling, ass attacks and odd apparel seems to have stroke a chord with very few, but the wrong note for a lot.

I for one loved her style and ass attacks from day one. Sure, she's no Chun Li... Or isn't she?

Chronologically, the Story of Street Fighter Alpha/Zero(all 3 of them, although only 3 really happened) occurs before Street Fighter two, but after Street Fighter 1, I think.  How did Chun Li look there?

This is Chun Li's first apearance in terms of story.  Then she  next tournament, she shows up like this...
 Quite the wardrobe change.  She went from sport-traditional to mostly traditional.  The only part that is still sportsy is those boots. Those WRESTLING BOOTS!

You know who  else wears wrestling boots? Rainbow Mika, who is conspicuously missing from every other Street Fighter game where Chun Li has this particular look. Outside of certain, non cannon games, very few moments where both are seen are known.  Here's what I think went down.



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