Monday, February 28, 2011

A Devil May Cry movie is coming: How bad will it be?

No, devil, No cry. You got no devil no cry....
It's time to once again play "How Bad will it be!?"
It's an adaptation to an action game with shooting, so with enough budget... could wind up better than KOF.

Brought to us by Screen Gems of Resident Evil fame. Those where mostly mediocre...
They took it and made it their own. Read:raped it.

And unproven writer. Just like Legend of Chun Li?...
Because there weren't any Street Fighter characters to put there.

A white haired half devil hero that is a witty badass fighting demons. How creatively can they destroy that?
Make another guy the hero.

Prospects are low. Set expectations to crap. I give it 20% chance of achieving mediocrity.


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