Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What WB should be looking for in a Lois Lane


Rumor has it the studio who recently chose guy-that-a-lot-of-people-wanted-for-Superman as Superman is circling around a Lois Lane. And if the rumor is true, they are very lost. The Twilight Chick? Jessica Biel? Someone from Glee?
She's as surprised as you are.

I have some opinion's on the matter. But let's make it fun: rather than tell you which actress should play her, I'll tell you what qualities that actress should have, as well as  who qualifies in that category.

5)Some roughness in the face area
Unlike Spider-Man's Mary Jane, Lois Lane is not a renown beauty. She's kind of average physically with a strong personality. She needs to be a tough journalist, not a lost babe in the woods. Babyfaced actresses like the last Lois don't work as well as  less obvious beauties Margot Kidder and Erica Durance.


Famke Jansen, of X-Men fame. Now, Famke may be a little old for the role(and probably still reminds people of X3), but she's got the right kind of face.

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4)Can go over the top.
If the movie's moving away from Return's  almost-a-chick-flic-but-totally-a-homage-to- the-old-Movie, it's only fair Lois's characterization be more manic. We need an actor's actress, who can show people up through sheer personality. This is  the woman who asks the tough questions that get other people dropped off.  windows. She should be able to make people laugh every once in a while, too. She's not a total bitch, you know?


Cameron Diaz, man.  She can  play funny, manic characters, yet give intensity to slightly more serious ones.

3)Should be sexy, but not a pornstar.

I already said Lois isn't exactly a world class beauty. However, there should be some appeal to her. I'm not shooting Judi Dench appeal, here.  However it should be a more subtle appeal. A woman that exudes sexyness even fully clothed.


Kate Beckinsale

2) A woman of action
Lois is NOT, as her reputation might lead us to believe, a damsel in distress. Well, she could be, but she shouldn't be. In a way, I like to think of her as a person who tries to do what Superman does(right the wrongs) but is limited by the inabilities to punch things into the sun. But she's still got the guts to try. So she shouldn't just be yelling "HEEEEEELP MEEE SUPERMAAAAAAN!" She should kick a little butt, too.


 As much as you probably like Jolie more than me, she's got the action woman thing down pat.

1)An unexpected choice
You just choose the guy half of the Superherohype boards are sure should play Supes. How do you follow that up? Simple. Throw a curveball. Pick a Lois no one thinks you'd choose. And I don't mean Kirsten Stewart, either. A surprise choice that rounds out all that stuff I previously mention.


Rosario Dawson.

Just sayin'...


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