Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Phoenix Wright Moveset pitch


(Confirmation of Phoenix Wright means this is obsolete and that Capcom's actual moves are probably a million times better. However, it also proves the bigger point that it's possible.)
MVC3 is so close, I wish I had money to buy it, or an Xbox to play it. I have feverishly followed the games development, from initial rumors to the leaks. Hell, I did a spot or two of leaking, myself.

But one of the most pervasive debates is regarding Phoenix Wright. One of the most hotly demanded characters, he is also one of the most fought against by some. They say that Phoenix(not the one that's in) can't be in the game because he is not a fighter. Examples are pointed out of characters that where never fighters as a rebuttal. Movesets are offered. The debate rages on.

I will admit, as essentially an anime character, Phoenix would make more sense in TvC 2, if that was a real game that was going to exist. But let's not discount the old Marvel series. I want to show you how I would make  the Ace Attorney for MVC 3.

Sure, I'm no Availation, and this isn't exactly indepth. Heck, I've only beat most of the first game. But We all gotta start somewhere, right?  Let's get rolling!

Let us start with the intro. Wright stands behind a court podium that falls down and breaks, bothering him, and setting the tone for his character..

Standing pose.  He's fairly confident.

Walk Forward. Again, confident.

 Walk Back. Less confident

Crouch. He kneels, and looks at some papers

Attacks after the jump

Normal moves

Air Strong attack: Phoenix bonks the opponent in th ehead with a thinker statue, which was fatal for two PW characters

Air Mid: Wright swipes while trying to catch a loose paper.

weak air: Wright looks at paper, hits opponent with his hand.

Down Strong: Phoenix Dives with his briefcase. It's a slide attack.

Down Mid Wright hits with brad side of the briefcase.

Down Weak: Wright looks at paper.

Air rave: Wright opens a briefcase, launching his opponent up if the briefcase hits them.

Strong Stand: Wright swing his briefcase.

Stand mid: Wright shows opponent paper.

Stand Weak: Wright looks at paper

Special Moves
Magatama Strike: If opponent is hit, they go into Psychelock mode, in which they can't block
Papers in the wind. An antiair technique that sends a whirlwind of papers  flying from his briefcase.

Evidence throw: Phoenix throws evidence that  stuns the opponent. Evidence depends on who is active on the other team I.E. Spiderman's would be a pic of Aunt May, Wesker's would be an empty T virus vial..

Objection: A counter move. If hit, Wright yells his trademark phrase and sends the opponent flying.
Hyper Moves
Hyper Paper Whirlwind: a Stronger version of  the paper whirlwind.

Final Objection: Busty Blond Mia Fey pops up and blasts the opponent away with spirit magic.

Gavel Nightmare: a giant gavel shows up out of nowhere and blasts across the screen. Sure, that was only  nightmare, but according to Ken, so was Marvel vs Street Fighter.

Winpose: Heh...Didn't know I had it in me!

This list is far from complete(or proffesional) but don't forget that if I can think of a foundation for Wrights moves, why can't a proffesional who's payed in more than comments and clicks?


  1. pretty decent actually! I'd rock that!

  2. This is rather decent, even if I am against Phoenix Wright being in MvC3 (TvC2 is a different story though), mainly because MvC3 takes itself way more seriously than the previous games and Wright would stand out way too much with his humorous "joke" fighting style. One problem I have with the moveset though (as with most proposed movesets I've seen) is that Phoenix Wright doesn't have a briefcase, even though everyone assumes he does because he's a lawyer. In reality, the universe he exists in has everything stored up in court records instead of briefcases.

    I would love to see you do a moveset for Franziska von Karma in MvC3, as that's the Ace Attorney representative that I think would fit in MvC3 perfectly (would not fight like a "joke character," whip makes her unique, game needs more weapon wielders, her personality would make for really great intro & win quotes... etc.).

  3. Another problem that I have with the moveset that I realized just now is how Psyche Locks work. Psyche Locks aren't created by Phoenix Wright. Phoenix only has the ability to see the Psyche Locks created by a person to hide their own little secrets. Phoenix is only able to see these locks and break them by using evidence. This ability should not be changed to what you proposed, because that's not how the ability works. Each character in MvC3 and even every previous Versus series game before has had each of their abilities work the same way they do in their original games: Yes, even the characters that weren't shown as fighters in their original games, who already had fighting abilities or were given abilities that matched their personalities and characters.