Thursday, February 17, 2011

A game a year: 1985

It was a weird year for makeup.

I was born 25 years ago. I started playing videogames at about age 4-5 I believe. As such, I believe it would help me understand my lifelong obsession if I play, or at least reminisce about, a game from each year of life I had.

The year was 1985. A new comic strip is created whose ingenuity and creative writing will inspire thousands to paint peeing boys in their vehicles,  French secret agents sink  a ship out of homophobic hate, and a little game system known as the Nintendo entertainment system was released.

This is the year I was born in, and needless to say I was way to young to buy the N.E.S. let alone play it. My first console was an Atari, so needless to say,  I wasn't exactly the trendiest kid in the, er...rural area.

The only games I can  find where released in the year where Tetris, Super Mario Bros, and Duckhunt, and I didn't have or rent the first 2. Let's go with Super Mario. Nobody's ever written about that!

And wow, has the platformer genre changed a lot since then. Mario's movements are slightly sluggish, and without much of his ability to back out on his jumps, each leap across a chasm could dangerously overshoot. It is a fun game. I just think it's funner if you're Megaman.

What else can I say about the genre/franchise/console launcher? It's a fun little game, but wake me up when they invent having more than one power up. I still prefer the (fake) second one and the third one.


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